Do something – Fai qualcosa – Fă ceva

I’m going to start 2014 off with a reblog, and this is fitting.

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

uneasy, in some way, for so much sadness, you are looking
chemical formula of smile
you try to walk in the world without aspirations
taking the moment as if it were an empty glass in that you put only the intentions
and if their sweat turns into wine, miraculously, to be you the one who drinks
and if not, you to leave it to others with bitterness or guilt
if you will not be afraid of miracles and if you’ll see in the bark of every moment
waiting for you to create, because creation is the mystery
waiting for you to give, because generosity is the mystery of mysteries
You will can restore the imbalance between body and soul
this inequality it grows with unfulfilled intentions… So, do something


inquieto, in qualche modo, per così tanta tristezza, stai cercando
formula chimica del sorriso

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