The Top Five ‘Top 5’

It’s a new year, and I’m going to listen to someone else, because my gut is full of… well, you know.

In reference to the quote, being from High Fidelity, we’re going to pull from the soundtrack.  Smog, anyone?

I’m going to listen to John, and lists are going to be made.  This list should have to rise to the be-all-end-all of this year.  Putting the list of lists together has been haphazard and not thought through properly.  Resolutions–scratch that–Guidelines should be made.  Specificity is great, don’t get me wrong, but somehow there are tendencies to stray from what you really want to accomplish.  According to Dane Dormio, who is the writer behind The Buddha’s Hotdog, said in a recent post that a simple language tweak might do you some good.

It feels as if there has been a weight lifted with the previous three posts to sum up and kick off the new year.  There is a new sense of confidence and a gift of eleutheromania has been bestowed upon me from an unknown source.  That use of that word fulfills half of the challenge that my sister-from-another-mister, Rebecca, gave me yesterday.


We all want to do something.  Why not say that we’re going to do that thing or those things.  Determination and positive reinforcement.

Life is going to happen no matter what.

Movie Poster of Chaos Theory Sans Title

In Chaos Theory, the movie mentioned in previous posts, a movie you all should watch to gain your confidence back into Ryan Reynold’s acting ability, the main character is a list maker.  He is super organized, obsessive compulsive, and after a time mishap initiated by his wife (Emily Mortimer), his life gets… well, chaotic for lack of a better term.  New perspectives, new insight, new decisions, and a tweak of list making is bestowed upon Reynolds.

And then there’s gorgeous Sarah Chalke in her underwear.


What are the top five Top 5?  Creativity, Dating, Health, Personal Aspects, Writing.  How are these going to happen?  Let’s write them up like Reynolds with more.


1.  Improv more
2.  Take risks more.
3.  Take classes more.
4.  Remind self that anything is possible more.
5.  Accept any and all challenges more.


1.  Date more.
2.  Sustain chivalry more.
3.  Think out of the box more.
4.  Christian Mingle more. Kidding.  Be spontaneous more.
5.  Speak up more.


1. Run more.
 Lift more.
 Eat healthier more(so) than I do now.
  Hike more.
Dine out less more.  (Sure I could have said cook at home more, but I enjoy making things difficult for myself.)


1.  Be confident more.
2.  Take time for myself more.
3.  Buy/Support/Be involved local more than I am now.
4.  Be myself more.
5.  Decide on moving more.


1.  Novel more.
2.  Finish what I start more.
3.  Submit more.
  Publish more.
Simply write more.

No matter what, Life is going to happen.  It’s how you take it, roll with it, and utilize what you’re handed.

I still need to find a yellow umbrella.


2 thoughts on “The Top Five ‘Top 5’

  1. yep. i used to make elaborate lists as well. trouble was, i kept misplacing them and had no idea what was on the lists.

    i look at your list, all worthy goals (and especially elated to note the line crossed through Christian Mingle); however, it sends me into a panic that would set me existentially back fifteen years. these day, i have a simple perennial list that i can easily recall:

    1. be me
    2. do no commit suicide, patricide, fratricide
    3. keep truckin’
    4. be me

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