Tripping Out


There.  The button has been hit.

The last week was spent with animals, hanging out with them.  It’s gotten me out of the house and away from my parents.  A taste, a preview of a life living alone, because when landing a job in the Central New York area comes, I’m going to immediately move out of my childhood home for the–Hold on, what number is this?  Ah, it doesn’t matter–nth time and adopt an animal.  It’s probably going to be a cat, because cats are awesome and less high maintenance than dogs.  I’m probably not going to have a roommate, and if it comes to that the person will have to be a gem.

Central New York is affordable for this current single life.  Just what next?

I’ve been stagnant in a mulling-everything-over coma.  Thanks to Lara, her post has given me a swift kick to push me to write this out.

I’ve been focusing too much on this blog, and not enough on fiction.   I’ve been doing a fair share of writing, spending time in front of the computer, but not enough reading.  I’ve been crazily running my brain about potential jobs, and last night I hit another figurative wall.

What do I want to get out of this year?  A lot.


Let’s begin with the simple, the beginning:  restrict blogging to every other day instead of pushing myself for a daily post.  There is a constant desire to follow more and more bloggers, more female then men.  Why more female then men?  I’m a guy, and I know what goes through a guy’s head.  With the guy writers that I follow, I am so very impressed on the versatility of their content.  So call me picky when it comes to male writers.  I don’t want to hang out with the frat boy crowd.  Female writers–so far–have been insightful, and I’m learning a heck of a lot to be a better person, companion.

Let’s follow up with the ideal:  find a job (this will happen sooner than later), publish a short story or two, and begin a relationship.

The next step is travelling.

Saving money should not be an issue.   It’s in the best interest to get out more.  Aside going to New York City, which my goal is to get there at least twice a year.  My cousins and I are planning to visit other cousins/their siblings in New Mexico with a Grand Canyon and Vegas trip on the side.  Like everything, this will cost money, and I envisioning myself going abroad.  By the time the abroad trip arrives, the time duration will be over four years.  Four years is too long to ignore a call for culture.  This year should be my next trip abroad.  Not only should it be, it will be.

With the bombardment of Paris references:  Paris is on the list, and I came across a trip that covers France, Belguim, and The Netherlands.  It’s going to cost $3,500, but it will be worth it.  I’m going to start hanging out (eavesdropping) with the French speaking club that goes to Freedom of Espresso to learn a thing or two.

There is another trip that is a close second:  Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.  Going to Czech would check (so clever, Chris, in your own mind) off the third country that is part of my heritage.  This trip is about $500 less than the previous, but you can’t put a price on experience.

Paris or Prague?  Brussels or Bratislava?  Bruges and Amsterdam or Vienna and Budapest?

Czech would make my relatives (alive and deceased) proud, and Prague is absolutely beautiful in pictures; one can only imagine what decadence she presents in real life.  Paris is just a whirlwind of inspiration.  Martin McDonagh, the English-born Irishman–is an inspiring writer to me, and his film In Bruges has allowed me to realize that this little city is–in fact–a fairy tale of a place.  Either trip will be full of inspiration and excellent food.  Yes, food.  Consumption is a biggie, and I’ll be trying whatever is put in front of me.

Due to this traveling contemplation, moving out of Syracuse has been put on hold.  It may bother me a bit to stay put, but occupying my time with what’s around me will kill the desire to ship out.  There is a lot of hope with Syracuse, but we don’t need any more groups pushing something that we already know.  Sure, it adds to community, but there is only so much that can be said.

I hope the title of this post threw you for a loop (cliche alert!!!).

Despite the desire to escape and explore, the most important thing that can be said:

Syracuse is (and will always be) home.

10 thoughts on “Tripping Out

  1. Ah, I can’t imagine trying to post daily. Though I already see that blogging has drastically reduced time for other writing. Though I do love it so.
    I’ve not been to Hungary but I did travel through Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It definitely is beautiful and the food and beer is amazing. Are they on the euro yet in the Czech Republic? They weren’t when I went so it was nice and cheap.

    1. That borderline addiction set in. Spread the word that I might need a writing intervention.

      I’m not sure if Czech has the euro or not. I’ll have to look that up. It’s easy for me to sway one way or the other, but Paris might be in the cards. I’ve always figured that as a “date trip,” but that won’t be happening.

      Any other destinations you’d recommend?

      1. Well, if finances factor in at all then I’d recommend Central America! Everything is cheap, it’s paradise, and you don’t have to deal with jet lag because the time difference will only be an hour or two tops. I’ve traveled through Guatemala and it’s one of my favorite places… sure, if you google it you’ll find all sorts of warnings about bandits and all of that, but it’s not THAT bad 😉
        Truly though, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Just might, soon enough.

      2. You have to be careful wherever you go. Bandits are everywhere. The Wet Bandits are in Chicago and will find you if you are left “home alone.” The Sticky Bandits will find you if you get “lost in New York,” and there are many more who knows where.

        On a serious note, any place has crime.

        Pictures of Central America and Guatemala are gorgeous though. I don’t blame you for wanting to go back.

  2. I’m so happy that I gave you some inspiration to post this! This is exactly what blogging is for-to get all of your thoughts out. You are going to be just fine living along. I’ve done it before and I got a cat! They make great company. And nothing is better than venturing out and meeting people along the way of a single persons journey throughout the best years of their life.

      1. I will take you up on that sometime. I am doing well. Started writing weekly for today, joining Thank you for your ‘like’ on that one. Little by little, the blogging business picks up.

      2. Yes. That’s fantastic news! I’m forever a reader of yours, and you know that. Unless you go all Justin Bieber on me. They better be local eggs when you do. Haha.

        Blogging and writing wont bring me fame and fortune, but at least I’ll meet new people and make a few friends, acquaintances along the way.

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