Month: January 2014

The Yawning Abyss

Originally posted on The Buddha's Hotdog:
Life is like an invisible bridge Spanning a yawning abyss At times we close our eyes And feel only the solidity of the bridge Comforted by its firmness Yet the abyss is always there At times we gaze down Into the infinite depth of the abyss And feel…

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Observations: January 24 – 26

The chair was extremely wide, obtrusive, and low to the ground.  While sitting in it, my body unconsciously leaned forward, my elbows rested upon the wooden arms, and my hands folded up and in front of me.  The cushions on the back and seat of the chair were sympathetically comfortable. ***   ***   ***…

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For Your Ears

To incorporate the words of Ann from The Year(s) of Living:  “this friggin’ freezing and frigid Friday” has been nothing short of fashionable frivolous fun, and it’s only early afternoon! There is exciting news on this end to boost the resume, but it will have to wait for the time being.  Aside the news, there is…

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The Liebster Award

I need to get cracking on this Liebster Award business, because it’s been about a week… maybe more. PART ONE Thank you to Lara, who has now surpassed the disqualifying 200-follower mark.  I technically cannot give backsies for nominating me, but since she now has over the 200 limit… well, too bad, Lara.  How dare you…

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Another Three-Act Play (Act III)

The snow had stopped Sunday morning, but the view was noting short of a display of bitter cold.  He turned into I, and the morning preparation continued.  Oliver wanted to play, and it was wished that this could happen, but work had to get done.  As the fake mouse was dangled in front of his face, and…

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Another Three-Act Play (Act II)

Upon scratching his arm to the point of surprise, he woke up faster than intended and to roll out of bed.  Getting dressed and gathering his things, he walked downstairs to open the door to the outside snow globe that this world–this neck of the woods at least–had become to much surprise.  There was a…

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