Observations: February 07 – 09

When ordering a S——-s cup of coffee:   Please could you hold the pretentiousness?  It will be taken black, but it is not enjoyable when it tastes burned.

***   ***   ***

Finally meeting Jim, sharing a firm handshake.

He recognized me, credit that has to be given.

Bless those orange Chuck Taylor sneakers.

***   ***   ***

She danced like the cliched saying, the one advising to do [insert your appropriate verb here] like no one is watching.  They weren’t the best moves, but she danced on beat regardless, fulfilling that said requirement.

Importantly–she was smiling, being herself.

***   ***   ***

(It must be a requirement:)  If you have an acoustic cover band in Central New York you to have to play The Outfield’s “Your Love.”

***   ***   ***

It was a simple girls’ night out, and that can be assured.  Talking was simply talking, and it was done with whoever crossed their paths that night.

***   ***   ***

He asked me,  You knew all about this this entire time?

I replied, Yep, as a smile of satisfaction crossed my face.

He faintly smiled and nodded his head in approval.

***   ***   ***

So what’s your situation, he kindly asked, but it seemed a bit forced in order to abide by some unspoken code of courtesy.

As the other explained his story of unsuccessful love, the initiator nodded appropriately and in some regard.  Pipe dreams–what these so-called potentials were referred to as, but the mood of his explanation changed as his poking fun of himself.   He smiled and his free hand flowed freely while amusing the thought of these muses appropriately.  Offering his phone to the questioner, he mentions this is one.

The first, the one who initiated the perceived sincerity, pulled the cover off his duplicitous intention and expressed his disinterest with that of his friend’s.  Sorry, I cannot give my opinion on this, on her.  Since I’ve been with [name], I refuse to look/comment at other women.

The appropriate objective opinion was burned, the ashes blown away with the tension wind.  The original question and interest negated itself, appealing as the interest was said just to be said in order to be polite.

The latter looked down at his now-folded hands, silently, in disbelief, as his friend indulged the conversation toward a one-sided self interest.

***   ***   ***

The sense of power and it’s overwhelming creation festers to a blackhead, a epidermal volcano that spews balls of puss that ride down a river of burning blood.

***   ***   ***

How smoking a cigar for less than two minutes in a car can change the vehicle’s atmosphere.  The combination of cologne adds to that appeal, which is a significant reminder of my grandmother’s house.  It’s not that my grandmother smoked cigars, but my Uncle Pat smoked cigarettes; this new car smell is an obvious parallel.  As kids, my brother and I, would hang out in this game room.  I’d sit and talk to my uncle about the bands and records on the bottom of his bookshelf and the Stephen King novels occupying the shelves above.  My brother and I’d  play computer games or throw darts at the dart board; we were small, so the percentage of hitting the surrounding wall was higher than hitting the bullseye or rest of the board for that matter.

The computer games were a treat.  One was a Star Wars first-person shooter.  The second that I remember clearly was a third-person game, which was based off of the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves.

My Uncle Ed gave a copious amount of PC games to my father and for us kids (despite me being the gamer of the family).  Many were adventure games, some more cartoonish than others, and the games matured with our age.  However, the old games still never got really tiring.  A few of the games:  Cosmo’s Cosmic AdventureCommander Keen, Crystal Caves, the original Duke Nukem, the Monster Bash series.  The first-person shooters were a favorite:  Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.  Lastly, the legendary third-person adventure series of Space Quest (who doesn’t enjoy playing a bumbling janitor protagonist?) and King’s Quest are hard to forget as well.

Oh, and The Black Cauldron.  (I strongly feel this movie should be remade by Peter Jackson.)

***   ***   ***

The moment you realize that you’ve remembered specific video games from when you were a kid.

***   ***   ***

The moment when you wake up [this section is removed for the sake of divulging an imaginative tangent about an unreality].

***   ***   ***

The moment you wake up in the moment, acknowledging the aggravation of stopping yourself from writing something, anything.  Preventing yourself from writing what you want to write is uncomfortable and unhealthy.  It’s like peeing and stopping yourself midstream.  It’s pointless and takes more effort than you’d like it to.  It’s absurd and uncomfortable.  However, curiosity of attempting it pushes and encourages you to simply try it.  This denies your  readers from perspective.

In the end:  everybody hurts.

***   ***   ***

Something about a perfectly round pizza is aesthetically unappealing.

The rounded bulk of the crust is too perfect.  The rest of the pie is fit, smoothly paved.  It looks plastic, the pie.  Where are the burn blemishes?  The grease, oil is not apparent or pooled; when the slice is folded, grease should drip into my palm. There are no bulbs of cheese.

A perfectly shaped pizza does not make sense.

It’s like the high school essay the teachers make you write:  the schematic is too organized.  A piece of anything should not have a clean cut introduction and ending, two buns of the burger or slices of bread for the sandwich that contains three specific ingredients or paragraphs.  Sometimes you have multiple veggies, meats, or other contents.  What about the dressing, mayo, mustard?

If it the pizza looks perfect, blemish free, it’s hiding something and/or it’s just not going to taste right.

***   ***   ***

“I must break you,” says Ivan Drago to Rocky Balboa.

“I must watch you,” says I to Rocky IV.

***   ***   ***

Cafe at 407:  a cafe that smells how a coffee shop should.  Roasted coffee beans and the sound of grinding never added up to so much.  It’s like saying 2 + 2 = 7 and everyone agreeing that this equation is correct.

10 thoughts on “Observations: February 07 – 09

  1. I think we played all the same games, as kids.

    I found a Kings Quest V cd about 5 years ago, but my computer was way too good to run it, haha.

    Loved the observations. Thanks for finding me!

  2. Is it possible to like this a million times? Okay. I just read a post not long ago, today possibly, that left me to believe that some will question what words, phrases, even cliches we choose to use as writers. It provided the perfect derailment of any future posts made by a weary blogger.

    “When ordering a S——-s cup of coffee: Please could you hold the pretentiousness? It will be taken black, but it is not enjoyable when it tastes burned.”

    This first line of yours reminded me of the writer’s ugly words. Your post set all things right, Christopher!! The encouragement you offer here is one of complete wonderment.

    1. Thank you, Audrey, for the kind words and compliments. I’m happy you enjoyed this post so much (aside from the darker tone that it has in comparison to the last “observation” post.

      Some of these moments were difficult to “describe,” so including “anti-writing” (for lack of a better term) seemed appropriate.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a great weekend!

      1. Within the rant, I neglected to mention the dark tone to your post, it didn’t go unnoticed. My commenting can sometimes point out random positives. Hope I didn’t offend or take away from the message you intended.
        ~ Audrey

        My weekend has been sucessful. I found myself writing a lot which has helped my mood. Hope your weekend had a bit of sunshine.

        Love that you are still rockin’ the Orange Chuck Taylors, as well.

      2. Oh, it didn’t take away from anything 🙂 No worries.

        Glad to hear that your writing is productive and going well!

        The sun fluctuates quite a bit in Syracuse, but it was a great weekend regardless. Not too much writing went on for me this weekend, but it was productive in the sense that time was well spent with good people.

  3. Yes, take a slice from a hand-tossed large pie, each personal, imperfectly shaped and impeccably delicious, fold it in half and allow the olive oil to run in a river down your arm as you partake. Pavone’s on Warren Street is great. Angoti’s on Burnet Avenue is a favorite. OIP, the easternmost on James Street. Twin Trees, our closest, East Syracuse. We have good personality in our Syracuse pizza. You need not suffer perfection, Chris.

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