Today’s Missing Pieces






This blog is abysmal.  It’s dirty, disorganized, and it definitely deserves decent displays of decadent decor.  Let’s not forget a healthy dose of alliteration, and the tone needs a chirk.  Chirk is the Dictionary(.com) verb and Word of the Day.  Bring on the shrill noises to liven this place up.

What can be done to achieve more consistency for lack of consistency?  After all, anything goes.  It is the internet after all.  I spend more time reading blogs than writing my own, and that will stay that way.  This is how I enjoy my coffee in the morning.  Yes, you caught me by pointing out that my coffee is consumed black.  However, the infinite considerate thoughts that are pulled from all of your posts add up to combined cloud of creativity that can be carried with me, hovering above my head; if it wasn’t there, a darkening cloud would be in its place, and everyone is familiar with that ominous sponge.

It’s ideal to write everyday, but there has been an ongoing personal battle.  Once some type of success is reached, then life will get back to normal.

But what is normal anyway?  Normal is the regular.  Unless you perform or try something extravagant and out of context for your personality  (new), life is always normal.

***   ***

(Shouting up and shaking my fist at the Heavens)




(Um… insert exaggerated gif?)


(There we go.)

(Set me up with writing cards for Hallmark if need be.  At least I’ll be making people feel good, putting words into their mouths.)

(I’m feeling better.)

I***   ***

It’s time to get planning, because there is some sort of slacking that is an underlying issue.

Where to start?  Let’s map out the week.

SUNDAY:  Observations

MONDAY:  Fiction


WEDNESDAY:  Something concrete and worthwhile

THURSDAY:  Photo or Something Throwback Post (Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.)

FRIDAY:  Some Kind of Update

SATURDAY:  Whatever.  Um, let’s make it sexy–Sexy Saturday.  (If I re-blog you on Saturdays, please don’t take this out of context.  I don’t need angry spouses or significant others coming after me.  Unlike Liam Neeson, I don’t possess a particular set of skills.  There is a possession of skills, but they’re for peacekeeping, not angst.)

16 thoughts on “Today’s Missing Pieces

  1. hey Chris, it’s been a long minute since i’v commented and i feel like i’ve betrayed you as you’ve been so kind to read and comment on my blog frequently. i really do dig what you write, but my problem has been the commodity of time, and when i go through my reader and see posts of in the thousands vs. hundreds of words i go into crisis mode, knowing i should read, but being honest with myself that i don’t have the time. i want to stay current with you. if writing has become a burden, maybe give us shorter pieces. it might be less stress on you and me or others. take care my friend. i hope to be able to keep up with you more. bob

    1. Bob –

      I don’t feel betrayed. I’ve been trying to cut back on the length of the pieces, but what comes out comes out. It was exhausting writing the Valentine’s Day piece, and it took a lot out of me; the residual stress filtered into the next posts.

      I’m sure you’re not the only one who goes into crisis mode, and I apologize for affecting you unintentionally.

      Thank you for your constructive comment, and for your stopping by. You’re not forgotten.

  2. You a G. Love fan, Chris?

    Doesn’t matter. You dropped in this killer track, and your Q rating went up.

    You could have written: “;lzihv ;aishdgf;oadlgfj;ale g.knskga e bona pwop q3glijhobleryij qb3rjypb 3jrypm9bq3jt”

    And I would still have hit the “Like” button… like, right… now…

    1. Oh, I am a G. Love fan, Matt. I’m glad you approve, it was just one of those days where a Special Sauce pick-me-up was needed Next time I throw some G. Love in a post, I’ll try the gibberish tactic.

      “Walk to Slide” came in a very close second, and it was tough deciding between the two. It was figured to just start at the beginning. Hope you are having a great weekend. I’m just about to dive into your post.

      1. Not sure if I wrote it but nine days ago, on G. Love’s anniversary tour, I heard them play their first album live–each track in order–as the first half of their set.

        It was unbelievable. One of my all-time favorite albums.

        Very cool. If he’s coming to your neck of the woods on this tour, I hope you can get there. It’s great.

      2. Yeah, I’ve been following him on Instagram, and he’s definitely playing the entire album. Unfortunately, his tour isn’t passing by Syracuse. I am really jealous that you got to hear that in it’s entirety.

        If I get a job in Chicago and move out there before April 18th, I’ll be able to see him then. That would be a clutch welcoming to Chicago.

      3. Yes it would.

        Good luck with that. Chicago, I think, would be a wonderful place to live.

        Here’s to things working out perfectly.

      1. By any chance would I even know what the Solvay Tyrol Club is? No to your question and mine. I was at the theater to see ‘Winter Tale’ today, review to come tomorrow, Chris.

      2. You must have a doppelganger. My parents thought they saw someone who resembled you at the polenta dinner this afternoon. Polenta is a traditional Northern Italian dish made with cornmeal. The Tyrol Club is the equivalent of the Polish or Ukrainian Homes/Clubs. Membership is needed, or you know someone in there. I can get you tickets if you ever want to go. My treat.

        Hope you enjoyed the movie. I won’t ask how it was, so I’ll be patient to wait with the rest of CNY.

      3. There is a guy that looks like me around here. People always used to ask me if I worked at the Lincoln Center building downtown. Nope. Thanks for the invite to the Tyrol Club. I’ve never tried Polenta. Someday, Chris.

  3. I so know this feeling. Outlining best intentions for the week sounds like a great strategy. I might try that too. And G Love, nice! Haven’t heard this song in awhile. Thanks!

    1. Sandra, thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I can stick to some schedule, but it might not happen. Haha.

      Glad to hear you enjoy G. Love. I started following him on Instagram a couple weeks ago. He’s quite the entertainer.

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