A Thank You Note

Dear Readers:

Please accept my humble appreciation for the positive feedback surrounding yesterday’s post about the list of 40 great aspects of Syracuse.  There was no expectation after publishing it, but its impact was broader than anticipated.  A new set of expectations have been laid for myself from your motivation.  I’m glad I’ve touched hearts.  There have been several emails, shares, text messages, comments that have been coming in, and I’m doing my best to respond to all of you in a timely fashion.  

As stated, there is an infinite number of aspects in our city and surrounding area, and these create stories that branch out and stay with us wherever we go.  Several of you have commented anecdotes about growing up in the 315 area code; some of these stories could date before my time, and some–that do not date before my time–are actually new to me.  Thank you for sharing, for enlightening me and others.

Of course, there will be many more Syracuse-related articles, photographs, and tidbits to come.  There will still be the continuation of (weird) fiction pieces, sarcasm, and posts of whatever-the-hell-is-on-my-mind.  Please stay tuned.  The next couple days are busy–responding to comments, writing for a friend’s business, and personal job-searching tactics/endeavors.  An update might not be seen until Friday or Saturday.

Stay true.

Warm Regards,


(P.S. Yes, Mark, I did tear up that list in Sunday’s post.)

10 thoughts on “A Thank You Note

  1. I don’t know if I commented yesterday but I loved the post. I remember holidays at my uncle’s in Camillus and was just in Skaneateles last fall and will be again this summer. Gorgeous part of the country.

    Ahhh the 315 area code. I remember Colgate’s number 315-824-1000 or 823? Anyway, they changed it to something nowhere near as good.

    1. Uncle’s in Camillus? You’re getting closer and closer to where I grew up. I am a West Genesee grad, but I didn’t grow up in Camillus.

      It’s nice to make connections! Central New York can’t wait for your return.

      (Colgate is a beautiful campus, by the way. Saw fireworks there one time.)

      Thanks, Maggie!

      1. Both my superstar lax cousins are West Genny grads!
        I am so happy I found your blog. I don’t know many people who know the beauty of central NY. People out here don’t even know there’s NY outside of the city.

      2. Wait… who are your lax cousins? We can continue the conversation through email (cspmalone@gmail.com). You don’t have to give names out.

        My brother played lax at WG and at LeMoyne.

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