Number 41

As you know, I write for Syracuse marketing business, Kinani Blue.  My post topics include business, marketing, and blogging on top of others.  However, owner, Craig Laughin, has given me permission to go-to-town with local-based posts.

Many of the comments on my Syracuse List included the Columbus Baking Company, which is located on the Syracuse’s Northside.  The story in the comments was a similar thread, and this story is shared by my family as well.

It’s a story about rule breaking–it’s about breaking the no-eating-in-the-car rule.

Here is the post.

What are your food-related stories?  You can eat in the car, but just throw a napkin down.

8 thoughts on “Number 41

  1. I love the stories behind family-owned establishments and the culture to them as well. That bread looks heavenly!

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