Observations February 21 – 23

Hey, it’s been a few days. Remember me?

His gaze emitted–it could have at least–the fury of the sun’s core, but fading and not graciously.

***   ***   ***

The man spoke to his dog as if the animal was one of his own kids.  They stopped before crossing the street.  The dog sat, heeded and obeyed, but displayed its eagerness to get to where they were headed with wide eyes and mouth agape.  The ghostly white accented its face, cluing to the mutt’s possible age, older.  However, the dog looked up at its master, admiring him.  The dog marveled at the man  with the same curious appreciation from when it was a pup.

***   ***   ***

Daily clue, reminder, sign:  The French Club talks about, mentions Chicago.

***   ***   ***

And it is bothersome to look up at the stars.
And it is bothersome:  the duplicity of the horizon.
Its appearance, curved or rigid or flat, depending on scenery
is deceiving.  Regardless of the landmarks and formations or man-made
blemishes, the land is always flat.  There will always be potholes, uneven roads and construction
blockades, but there will be routes around them.  Mountains can be climbed and valleys
can be explored on holiday.  Obstacles can be overturned and overcome and over-
passed; these challenges will be faced by the numbers and repetitiously, but
learned success will allow the forthcoming challenges to be conquered easily, but
cost of it all is overall weighing tediousness.  Raindrops can be deflected by an umbrella and
puddles can be walked around, streams can be crossed and oceans can be flown over,
but the latter is at a cost.  Distance, irrelevant.  When thinking about the grand scheme
of the world, distance is only a simple term.  It’s a word that can be erased or whited out
or deleted.  Pairs of feet stand on land; land is land despite it not being
the same land.  Patience and persistence and promise help lift thoughts, spirits to prevent
the clouds from falling.  To a point the sun’s rays eradicate and burn through the white shape-
shifting distractions for the true blue, which opens gracefully for the grand finale of day–
the paradigm of a sunset.  With the onset of night, the blackboard sky is erased
with the exception of a few marks and nicks and swipes.  And again, like a day, we’re brought
back to the beginning.

But it is bothersome to look up at the stars.

***   ***   ***


Despite an outcome, whatever outcome, The Palace Theater hosted another wonderful basketball game for Syracuse University Orange fans. Food and drinks were provided and plentiful.   The family-friendly event allowed fans to come for free, to sit and enjoy the college basketball game while being surrounded with supporters.  Whatever troubles or disgust or nonsense that could sprout any given day were set aside because everyone in attendance had been present to support their local college’s and/or Alma Mater’s men’s basketball team.  Regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, preference, height, political affiliation, social status… all wore orange, rooted for Orange.

The organized event, which was broken up by music at halftime and interludes of conversation, filming, raffles and games during the commercial breaks, brought a community together.  Ty Marshall from the Syracuse New Times and Michael John Heagerty from NoExcuses kicked the evening off with filming everyone dancing to Pharrell’s uber-catchy hit “Happy.”

A big thank you goes out to The Palace Theater.  We’re all appreciative for your valiant effort toward community building.

***The picture taken at the beginning of this post was taken by Erin, the panorama taken by me***

3 thoughts on “Observations February 21 – 23

  1. That foul called a charge at the game had me agreeing with Coach Boeheim’s outburst and then looking up at the stars outside my house when the defeat to Duke was sealed, Chris. Ouch.

    1. It was an absolute shock. I am enjoying all the memes with Boeheim taking his coat off, however.

      It’s nice with the agreement about how we are proud of him for speaking out. Enough became enough. That curse word will never be heard or uttered the same. Haha.

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