Answering the Proust Questionnaire under the Influence of Female Hormones

Aaaaand Ursula deserves a re-blog.

An Upturned Soul

proustMarcel Proust by Standard Designs

My brain is neither predominantly male nor female. I know this because I took a test to determine the sexuality of that particular member of the club known as me… on the internet and internet tests and their results are known to be accurate.

My body is predominantly female. I haven’t taken any tests to confirm this, however my birth certificate claims that I am and I will assume that whoever filled it out had some understanding of such matters as I was born in a hospital. There are other signs which point to this being true.

Every month I am questionably blessed with a gift from mother nature. I always know when the gift giving ceremony is about to begin as during the hormonal fanfare which precedes it I invariably turn into an existentialistic nihilistic absurdist.

“Should I kill myself, or have a cup…

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