Month: February 2014


John Butler is definitely high on my list of musicians when it comes to acoustic, roots, folk, etc.  After the last post about the ABC award, the ever-incredible Aussa (who we know and adore) mentioned an association to tag along with the musician’s song “Ocean,” which was listed on my alphabet. When I first heard the…

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ABC Award

Ursula, the writer and mastermind behind the blog An Upturned Soul, nominated me for an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award.  So Ursula, thank you so much for the nomination.  As for others, please check her writing out! The rules of this blog award are: 1. Display the logo on your blog. 2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and…

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The Ideal Lover

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
A quick intro and then a story about a dream lover. Do you remember the first time you dreamed about your ideal lover? Can you still picture him or her? Is that first ideal lover the same as the one you dream about today? Even if you’re warmly ensconced…

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The Hump, Bumped

So, the post that was to go out today has been postponed.  There are a few things that need to be tweaked and polished, because it’s been enjoyable to write; as always, being 100 percent satisfied with my work is never going to happen. For those just tuning in, I’ve been writing for a friend’s…

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An In-Between (#004)

Something has to happen soon… Something has to happen soon.  The process is staring at blank wall, and you may or may not have this.  The question is, do you have a blank wall?  Take the pictures down from the wall and stare.  Pull up a chair and enjoy yourself for a little bit.  Entertain…

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Nothing New

Not too much has been going on.  On Saturday, we celebrated my buddy Dan’s 30th birthday, and a day was made out of it.  It got to the point where exhaustion hit, and I was drinking water most of the night so I could drive home safely.  The afternoon was spent at CNY Brewfest, which…

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