The Seven

All I have to say is Mark.

Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark…


Thank you very much and seven times over, Mr. Bialczak.

seven1 seven

Here are the rules for The Seven Awards:

1. Display the logos on your sidebar. (I bent that a bit, and put them on my “About and Awards” page instead.)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

5. Notify the nominees about their nominations.

***   ***   ***

More About Me:

1.  I will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday tonight at the Solvay Tyrol Club, eating Polenta Carbonara.

2.  I just signed up for a ukulele class.

3.  V-Neck T-shirts:  I like wearing them.

4.  Olives? Not a fan.

5.  I can do a pretty good Bullwinkle impression.

6.  I don’t think I’ve eaten Indian food in over a year.  I feel guilty about this and need to get some.  Anyone interested?

7.  Sometimes I talk to myself in a British accent.

***   ***   ***

To restate Mark’s words:  “Here are my 15 nominees. They are cool. They are hot. They are honest. They are passionate. They are why it takes me hours to get through my Reader. Check out their blogs.”  I’ll try not to overlap with Mark, get some new recognition.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I am tapped out.  Back to the creative process.  Back to short stories and one of the novels.  Back to writing quality content for this blog.  Let’s focus.  If someone sees me spacing out, slap me.  I deserve it.

Now that we are on the topic of  slapping….

FUN FACT BONUS! (Weeeeee!)

8. I beg my fellow improvisers to slap me, but they don’t.

41 thoughts on “The Seven

  1. I’m giving you a high seven (instead of five)! Throw that v-neck on and wow me with your ukelele skills (after a few classes, of course) and then let’s go get drinks (not Indian though, sorry). Cheers!

      1. It’s a date if you swing through Nashville en route to wherever you end up. I’m sure it’s on the way. Unless of course you’re going anywhere above the Mason Dixon Line. Then just make this a vacay destination. Just don’t forget the ukelele! Or the v-neck!

  2. Hey Chris,
    You are FAR too lovely dude! You know what just happened?
    Seeing your face there over at HR made me go ‘Oh crappy doo!!’ It reminded me just before darting out the front door that I had meant to put a link in the article (the one about originality blah blah) back to Dons site with the impro!!! Geh – was so mad I forgot – anyhow – it is stuck in now hey 😀
    Just wanted to say THANKS for the reminder.

  3. Congratulations 😀

    And thank you! *curtsies awkwardly, falls over, recovers composure by pretending that’s what I meant to do.

    So you talk to yourself in a Brit accent (James Bond style or Monty Python?) while doing a Bullwinkle impression, wearing a V-neck, playing the ukelele, and eating Indian curried polenta (is that the polenta eating contest with a sausage as a prize?) making sure to spit out any sneaky olives first (you can’t trust olives and their way of getting into everything). You are a fascinating and complex being, and I love discovering more about you 🙂

    1. Ursula, I couldn’t have said it better. Bows, hits head on counter, falls over while holding forehead.

      All those qualities at once. I do both Monty Python (Michael Palin and John Cleese mostly) and Sean Connery’s Bond. I am going to practice the British Bullwinkle, however.

  4. Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris. Thanks so much for the recognition. It means a lot to me, especially coming from a guy who likes ukeleles and Bullwinkle.

    1. You are welcome, Ann! Glad I could nominate you this time. I feel bad, because Mark rightfully beats me to the punch.

      Maybe one day, if I get famous, I’ll perform the Bullwinkle voice during an important speech… as I play the ukulele.

  5. Chris-
    Congrats! Mark also gave me this fab award (thanks for making me look like a lazy sod, dude)-

    But what I’m really here to say is, holy crap! You know Jennie Saia? She’s my sister-wife, my blog crush, I adore her, and YOU CAN’T HAVE HER!

    But I hope everyone on your blog will get to know the awesomeness that is Jennie.

    And the other blogs are pretty damn magnificent. Well done, sir!

    1. Yeah, I saw that. I did my best to not repeat his list, because we follow similar bloggers.

      Yeah, I stumbled upon Jennie, and she’s a good egg. I don’t know her well at all, but she seems to be a good egg. We finally conversed on Twitter. It’s a nice step.

      I know I can’t have her. You can.. please don’t hurt me.

      Plus, I don’t want her husband angry with me. Drama is not my forte. I am curious as to what part of Italy his family is from. The last name is similar to my mother’s maiden name, cool (not scary) similar, but one letter is missing.

      Thanks for your comments, for making me laugh, and for enriching the positive atmosphere that WordPress should be.

      1. And by the way?
        That red stilettos in the Most Creative Blogger Award? Also MINE. Mine, Mine, Mine.

        I’m going to wear them when Jennie takes me out for Indian food…

      2. I prefer Chuck Taylors. You can have those stilettos.

        Oh, I swear you better take a picture of that Indian food when you out to eat it. Blog about it. If you don’t rub that fact in my face, then… then.. well, I’ll be very disappointed in you.

        Nah, not really.

      3. I LOVE Indian food. There aren’t very good places where I live. I have to drive a bit.

        I even have my 10 year old eating it. I order him chicken Tandoori, Nan and Poori, and mango Lassi – and he’s in heaven!

        Oh my God, I need Indian food right NOW! At 11:30 in suburban NJ. Like that’s a possibility. You and your Indian food!

      4. Good for him! It’s good that appreciates worldly food at such a young age.

        I was going to murmur something Jersey, but I know some people are sensitive about Jersey pokes. I have relatives in Bergen County. I can’t hate.

      5. OMG, puh-leeze fuck with Jersey. I may LIVE here, but I’m not FROM here.

        I’m a NYC girl. Every day I wake up in New Jersey, my soul dies a little more.
        (I just got Twitter; that’s my bio)

      6. My darling sister-wife, I belong to the people. Sort of like David Bowie’s codpiece in “Labyrinth.” But if you take me out for Indian food and if you can actually walk in those stilettos, I will be swept off my feet for sure. 🙂

  6. You are 7 types of awesome! Thank you 7 times over. I am very impressed to be included with these other very cool bloggers. I haven’t done an awards post in a while so I might actually write something about this 🙂

    Ukelele – YES!!! I also talk to myself in different accents.

    1. You are welcome! Do as you please. There is no pressure to. I like doing them, because it allows me to give recognition where a “Like” cannot do justice.

      Hope all is well, my lavender-haired friend. (So awesome.)

  7. Christopher. Fun fact number one: The first time I saw your name I thought it said “Christopher Marlowe” How cool would that have been? And then I saw your middle initial, and wondered if it could possibly stand for Sam. As in Sam Malone. Which would also be great.
    Fun fact number two: I’m terrible with these things. I understand why people do them, but I prefer to do my own “Praise from Caesar” articles from time to time and give people reviews. So thank you, and I gladly accept and am happy you chose me, but I’ll likely not get around to this. Fun fact number three: You nominated some great people, that’s for sure!
    Fun fact number four: I’ve never seen Radiohead play live, despite having tickets to three separate concerts — the first was for the OK Computer tour, and I had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. The second was in 2003 and the blackout happened the night before the concert — it was cancelled. The third was just last summer, and I was just getting ready to leave the house when I heard on the radio that the stage collapsed, someone died, many injured. It appears I’m not supposed to see what is one of the best modern British bands.
    Fun fact number six – I’ve read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a ridiculous number of times. No really, I’ve seriously lost count. It’s a great go to book.
    Fun fact number seven – My favourite story of all time — for the language, for the soliloquies, for the madness and the myriad ways to interpret the title character — is Hamlet. There you go. Now you know a bit more about me!

    1. I am ready to tackle this comment. I think.

      Yes. I am.

      Anyway. It would be cool to have a name as Christopher Marlowe, and perhaps it could make me a better writer. “Sam” could justifiably replace “Sean,” and I would make a pretty decent bartender.

      You don’t have to reciprocate if you don’t want to. It’s simply to give recognition to fellow bloggers when my comments fall short, which I feel they do sometimes.

      These bloggers are pretty darn awesome in my opinion.

      I love Radiohead. I’m sorry that shenanigans happened, causing you to miss out on the concerts. I have not seen them yet, but I definitely would like to.

      I haven’t read Hitchhiker’s yet. I’m ashamed to admit that.

      Hamlet is my favorite Shakespearean play. I love it. The close follow up is Much Ado About Nothing.

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Seven-in-one?! Holy award-a-rama, Batman! Wait… you’re not Batman! Or… are you?

    I’m clearly a bit slap-happy too, as it’s the end of the day. This was a lovely surprise to cap off my Tuesday – thank you SO much, and I’ll look forward to reading some new blogs and finding a place to post all this bling!

    1. I’m not Batman (said in a gravelly low tone).

      You are so welcome. Enjoy. Pay good vibes forward however you please.

      Also, after responding to to Samara’s comment.. What part of Italy is your husband’s family from. (If the family is from Italy.) My mom’s maiden name has one extra letter than your surnames. We’re northerners.

      1. The Saias are from Sicily! We traveled to Italy for our honeymoon and people kept expecting us to speak fluent Italian because of our surname, but the language didn’t get handed down with the name. 😉

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