The Fate of The Abyss?

Yesterday, on my previous “Thawing” post, Mark commented and boosted my latest endeavor with Syracuse’s alternative newspaper, Syracuse New Times.  The weekly newspaper, which is getting a beautiful makeover come April 2nd of this year, is already a reliable Central New York publication; however, the drive for bigger-and-better is apparent and the determination seems to be unyielding.  With the upcoming changes, more familiar Central New York names–familiar and from other publications–have been and will be participating in this transformation.

It was a combination of recommendations and interest that brought my name to the table, and I am honestly grateful.  My debut post was featured yesterday, and the name of the blog is called The Inevitable Coffee Ring.  You may see the article “Thick Skin” here.

The ICR is part of the lifestyle category, and I was asked to not drop my voice or tone.  As a personal goal, because I want to step my writing a little bit, perhaps turning up the dial on snark and sarcasm.  The purpose of the blog is to capture living in Central New York through the eyes and words of Sam Rockwell.  Well, there is that desire to be on the same level of Awesome Rockwell occupies, but it takes practice.

We’ll see where The Inevitable Coffee Ring goes, because I’m just as curious as you are.  There is a plan, a scheme, but it’s loose.

Somehow this whole writing thing–the foundation, cement–is solidifying.  Writing for Kinani Blue is still going to happen, I’d like to step up my aim for weekly, and it should flourish after my immobility this week.  With these two outlets, Tuesdays and Thursdays are covered as far as posts go.

The only problem:  the unemployment.  Yeah, it’s probably true that the writing has taken up some time with the process; however, it’s a skill building tactic.  It’s getting the name out there.  It’s fine tuning. It’s pursuing something that is personally loved, and something that is to be continued for the love of it.  There has been a teeter-totter of my wanting to stay or leave the area, and that’s been mentally tortuous.  If you don’t know me, my conscience–well, there is a high percentage in regard to my dwelling on things.  The ability to move on is inevitable, but it’s found difficult to simply drop something if my mind is set on it.

I forced myself out of the house yesterday to take a drive and drop off the project that I’d been editing, which is another new endeavor.  The weather was beautiful, near the mid-30’s (Fahrenheit).  The white blemishes that were snow piles are apparent to be melting.  The roads were clear.  My route took longer than expected, taking the long way home.  Music was playing, and–Sandra, my music twin, you’ll get a kick out this–“The World At Large” by Modest Mouse was the third song to appear through my library’s shuffle.  It felt fantastic, reviving, the fresh air.  It’s hard not to love the changing of the seasons when you’re living in Central New York.  You cannot ignore the obvious change, and we are very perceptive of the change.  We’re like cats; the slightest change is almost life changing, and this change has to be examined.  This is what will keeps me going, believing in my hometown despite the less than appealing job market.

Upon the acquiring a new job, time will be significantly dedicated to it.  It will be impossible to dedicate as much time to this blog as I have in regard to employment, writing for SNT, and KB.  As stated, there are various works of fiction collecting dust.  Relationships are also important:  family, friends, dating and eventually starting my own family (down the road)… Time is definitely spent on those people important to me.

I don’t want to become some crazed nut job and write my days away.  I’m no Salinger, nor do I have the desire to become him–reclusive. Nor do I have the subdued anger of … well …


So… what is to be done about the upkeep of this blog if content is to be inconsistent?  I can’t rely on writing the Sunday Observations, because it’ll get redundant.  Some of that content will be used for SNT‘s ICR.  No need to fret just yet.  It’s speculative, but it doesn’t hurt to look toward the future, the What If’s, and pointing them out so they can be avoided.


12 thoughts on “The Fate of The Abyss?

  1. I agree with Sandra. If nothing else, just share posts here from your work so we can support you. It’s funny you wrote about this. I’ve had similar thoughts going on in my mind. I’m going to have some freelance opportunities coming up and I don’t see how I can do some things that actually pay me in real money, plus maintain 2 blogs, plus write for Tipsy Lit, plus work on my own novel, plus be a wife and mother with any sort of social life. Something will have to give eventually. I just don’t know what yet. But onward and upward Chris! ❤

    1. Onward and upward! Well stated.

      It’s crazy how life, time is so inconsistent (and inconsiderate) at times. I know it pains us to consider a once-a-week post, but an upstate is an update. If people choose to unfollow, they do; they’ll be the ones missing out.

      Always great hearing from you!

      1. Very true and it is painful to consider but so much better than just closing up shop. And I know I’d never unfollow someone for posting less! So, you know I’ll be here. 🙂

      1. Haha!!! Maybe by then, I’ll know how I do/did it! Same to you my friend.

  2. Awesome! See, it’s like we’re car pooling buddies! Christopher these are great opportunities unfolding. I hope you are proud of your efforts. Don’t be a stranger. If nothing else, please post links every now and then to what you are publishing so I can support you. This is exciting stuff!

  3. Just tell me where you’ll be, and I’ll follow.

    Blog-wise, I mean. Not weird stalker-wise.

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