Month: April 2014

The Blossoms

This song has refused to leave my head since this past autumn. Not sure when, where, or why it placed itself in there. It’s not a bad song to have in your head for such a length of time, but I want to pass it on. You’ll catch yourself whistling it. I hope. In preparation…

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Terrible Tuesday

There is nothing snarky about today’s post. It’s a terrible piece of writing, and there is hope someone calls me out on the mess that’s written for the Syracuse New Times. I don’t want to boost it, or boast it, but I’ll do the former because everything cannot be gems. I love the compliments, but…

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Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse

Originally posted on Christopher S. Malone:
Great ideas come to those in retrospect. The Tazo tea–Lotus–steeping in the cup, paper.  And this reminds me:  Downtown Syracuse should put out more recycle-friendly bins.  I am one of those persons who finishes what’s in the cup, drinking tea for enjoyment and refreshment and soul saturation.  However, amidst the…

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Musical Chemistry

Life has gotten busy, folks. Sorry for the lack of posting. I’ll get around to it. A draft has been fermenting, but I may just use it for my Snark Tuesday segment that leads you over to Syracuse New Times. It’s personally desired to get a draft to my editors by Sunday, and crunch time is…

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Snark Tuesdays

I’ve been ignoring our relationship. It’s been five days. I’m sorry for not calling, or texting (because that habit i’s easier). I didn’t email, which could have been another method, but all of your addresses are not in my contact list. Online communication has it’s ups and downs. In regard to the ups and downs of communication, I…

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An Opus: An Interlude

It’s a definable moment.  That instant when you glimpse something new in someone, or in their eyes, or breathe in their skin, and melt… – Gunmetal Geisha ~ ~ ~ Lifted my arms out and tenderly whispered ‘I’ve lost my way somehow’  – We Are Augustines, from “Walkabout” (Augustines, 2014) There stands a door. It’s…

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