Snark Tuesdays

I wish I could have included last night’s divorce between Robin and Barney sentiments one of my show’s endings, but my editor doesn’t need to be angry with me with concern to submission, and the post would have been far too long.  The series finale of How I Met Your Mother made me upset, but I can find some positive aspects to it.  It deserves a separate post.

With the ridiculousness of Hollywood stardom, Chris Martin and Gweneth Paltrow (fun fact:  she was my first celebrity crush) have managed to inspire me to write some sass.

Thanks goes out to Cafe Kubal; Jared Paventi (writer of the delicious blog known as Al Dente); and Craig from Kinani Blue.

Regardless, my post for the Syracuse New Times must go on, life goes on.  Find the latest installment of The Inevitable Coffee Ring here.

6 thoughts on “Snark Tuesdays

  1. I love the question, “does anyone listen to cold play anymore?” I don’t think you need to apologize for the tone. You’re an authentic person far as I can tell, life’s a carousel with ups and downs. You gotta call it as you see it. Nice job!

  2. I guess I can skip the season finale, then. Damn the internet for ruining everything! (It wasn’t you. Twitter ruined it earlier.)

  3. thanks for sticking around for the leaner and making sure he was okay, and thanks for supporting local business. mark is right though, it’s all dollars and cents in the ad world and most do not really care where those dollars come from. too bad –

    1. As they say, “you can wish in one hand…” Haha. It’s my trying to rebel rouse. It may have backfired, making me look dumb, but hopefully some people will see my purpose in doing so. 🙂

      Hope all is well!

  4. Well, now, Mr. Malone, just back from your Syracuse New Times blog with a bug biting me about it.

    Don’t you think that if a local coffee cafe/roaster offered to pay WSYR the same amount of advertising dollars as that Canadian company for said commercials, the ad folks at the TV station would gladly accept their money? I betcha they’d run the two companies’ commercials side by side and end to end, even.

    Just a thought from somebody who didn’t try to get ad sales from either organization, by the way.

    Just an assumption I have that it’s all revenue driven, so the local TV station can still pay people to produce, gather and report local news.

    And the fact that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is my favorite did not influence my opinion one bit.

    And, finally, I’m very glad that you stuck around to make sure idiot yelling guy did not lay a hand on old leaning guy. That was the right thing to do. I think your mere presence was enough to keep the bully from doing anything physical.

    Sorry for my long comment. But it is about your Tuesday SNT blog, colleague.

    1. Oh, I completely agree. (I didn’t go into that aspect about money, because it’s true and I wanted to stir up some angst.) But, yes, it does come down to a good chunk of change to promote sponsorship and the coffee (or goods–doesn’t have to be just coffee).

      Dunkin’ is my favorite chain as well, but I just wish the best for Kubal. Then again… it comes down to money.

      Mark, you are always welcome to comment as long or as briefly as you’d like. I always appreciate it.

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