Snark Tuesday

There was some uncertainty about what to write about for the Syracuse New Times when the blogging began with them almost month ago.  The advice given was to keep my voice, which is very cool.  It’s a fun challenge, blending whatever this blog is about into the Syracuse alternative news source… a dream come true, actually.

The fourth post was released to the world this morning.  It’s the longest piece so far, a menacing 2,000+ words, and the post it was actually self-edited and cut down.  What goes through a person’s head in one hour?  What can?  There are a series of different routes.  There are many different routes anyone can take, decisions, interactions…

However, after re-reading the post, it’s still the tip of the iceberg.  For me, the post doesn’t seem good enough. There is feeling positive and comfortable writing about life and feelings for such a publication.  It’s the beauty of being hard on oneself.  The fear of putting myself out there is steadily fading.  Due to not having so much fear, this is what generates my thought of the post not being good enough.

There is poking fun of myself.  There is poking fun of the younger crowd, the decade younger than me (yes, those new 21-year-olds), which I was very much a part of.  There is putting down, more poking fun than anything else, those kids in a sense by stating the low key adults in the pub have better stories than they do; this is not because of age, but because of life and experience.  Stories change from great night outs and drinking stories, which could normally be the case, to stories of actual life:  love, marriage, maybe divorce, catastrophic and life changing aspects.

There will be my asking my reflection where to go from here (concerning The Inevitable Coffee Ring, not geographically) Larry talked to me briefly about the consideration of putting my column into print, which would be grand.  Two paths for one publication for the ICR.

As for next week… where can I go, what can I tap into… from here?


I watch the ABC show, Mixology.  The creators behind the series had their hands in the drunken college movies and big productions that the younger crowd so adamantly anticipated and spent money in the theaters to see.  This is the new line of shock-and-awe that the first American Pie segment provided for my age group.  The younger crowd wants to see partying, drunken stupors, bad decisions, drugs, and womanizing.

However, the series is surprisingly decent.  More than a handful of episodes have aired, and each one has been watched and enjoyed.  There is no pushing the limits yet, there aren’t characters double-fisting drinks, the characters are not doing drugs, there are no gratuitous sex scenes.

Yet.  Don’t underestimate the power of writing.

There is some certainty that these younger kids are probably bored with the series.  Good.  I’m glad.  The creators and writers want to tell a story.  They want you to get to know the characters.  They want you to root for them, to empathize.  The characters are gradually being exposed, their good and bad qualities are coming into the light, wonderfully showing that we are all different and (importantly) that no one is perfect.  It’s not fun when a story goes to Crazy Town to establish the base/beginning of a story.  There is no room to heighten. However, like the second season of The Newsroom, the story begins at the end of the season.

Don’t underestimate the power of writing.

There is no anticipation on my end that there will be a second season, nor will I purchase the season when it comes to disc… I almost said VHS, well video.


However, without further ado…  the next post of The Inevitable Coffee Ring:

One Syracuse Hour



20 thoughts on “Snark Tuesday

  1. Just read it. I loved walking along side you through your weekend. The Santa socks made me actually LOL and I enjoyed reading about two guys in a pub….especially two guys closer to my age. It’s probably my favorite thing of yours I’ve ever read.

    1. I’m going to reply to all your comments here, so save some grief as far as notifications go. It’s also less confusing.

      I’m glad you laughed out loud or haha-ed (I cannot type the three single letters together… Haha…) They were quite the style. A guy in my improv class said that it was laundry day, but there was reassurance that it wasn’t… wearing such socks doesn’t bother me for the sake of starting conversations.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s probably best to be hard on ourselves to a point. We, as writers, cannot let it get the best of us or else we’ll be abandoning writing for good… not a good thing.

      It’s fun to cause conversation, and it’s fun with an expat piece. People will either like you or dislike you, which can cause an issue for some of us wanting to please everyone. I know that way of thinking is holding me back.

      The direction of The Inevitable Coffee Ring is going to shift back and forth from one “realm” (let’s say) to another. I’m a big fan of the writing of Lars van Trier, David Lynch, Charlie Kaufman, Paul Thomas Anderson (you know this already). I want to mind fuck people a little bit with more emotion, metaphors, and precise observations that will cause them to think I’m writing fiction or a lucid dream, give people a perspective of something they would easily disregard.

      In a scheme, we writers are in it for ourselves. We have a self-serving attitude that we need to embrace and accept in order to keep going. It doesn’t matter where we get our ideas or how long/much we write (this question, “How do you write so much, so fluidly?” was asked to me one week ago, and I said that I did not know… I prefer not to actually know), and it’s best to not be able to answer such questions.

      Unfortunately, for me, I’m going to be diving back into the old posts of a blogger (I’ve written about her) who has the ability to punch me in the face and gut to generate emotion from me. If I could date her, I would in a heartbeat, but that future is not in the stars.

      Tangents. Sorry.

      1. “I want to mind fuck people a little bit with more emotion, metaphors, and precise observations that will cause them to think I’m writing fiction or a lucid dream” <—–those were some seriously sexy words and I can't wait.

  2. I just wrote a post on my expat blog that ruffled feathers enough to inspire people to write response posts….and emails….and tweets. At first, it almost scared me away, but then I realized the power in my writing and it was a beautiful thing for my confidence. I’m heading over to read your article. Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. VHS lol the writing is what’s keeping television alive in my world.

    Soak up the beauty of writing to a large audience 🙂 We’ll never be good enough but as long as we are doing our best be proud of your work. You are a true talent!

  4. But will anything you write ever seem good enough to you? I am rarely pleased with, let alone proud of anything I write. I don’t have any advice. I just don’t have time to be productive and a perfectionist.

    1. Nothing will ever be good enough as far as writing goes, which is a good thing. I don’t want to go around pointing at things saying, “No. Not good enough.” My future children would be scarred.

      I think perfectionist and being anal share too large of a gray area. 🙂 It doesn’t do anyone good. Being THAT precise can’t only prevent and delay one from doing what you have to do, and getting on with enjoying life.

      1. I am just imagining you going about your day pointing at random things and shouting “Not good enough!” Like fruit displays and street performers and parking jobs.

  5. OK, back from SNT coffee ring. It didn’t take an hour to read, like you said. Maybe more than 10 minutes, though, because I went off on a mental jag midway about how I would be one of the parent types there with life stories to tell. And how the kids would ignore me. And how did I get this old. And why would I be out partying next to the kids. And how I drank a pint of Harp at Kitty Hoynes and talked to my wife and Ed Griffin Nolan of the New Times, none of us kids. Oops. back to your blog. I hope your feet feel better. Don’t ever wear boat shoes with Santa socks again. What an allergic reaction, Chris.

    1. I love this comment.

      Yeah. Tangents. Love them. 🙂

      I’m going to have to limit myself, but I wanted to give a better idea of all the thoughts that can possibly go through my head in an hour’s period. Most of the thoughts were generalizations, but going into too much detail would be tedious to write and read.

      1. It was entertaining. That once a week creeps up fast, though, doesn’t it? What next is always on my mind for WAER and New Times. And here!

  6. Some lingo can stick. I call the music collections records, as in, short for recordings, not referring to vinyl. Although vinyl still sounds good, mind you, Chris.

    And, even in DVR world, it is tempting to blurt out ‘did you tape last night’s ‘Mixology’ for me?’ I can’t bring myself to use DVR as a verb. I guess I’ll fall back to ‘record’ for this one, hard ‘e’ soft ‘o’ as compared to record above, soft ‘e’ harder ‘o.’ Well, I am off to click on your coffee ring epic.

    1. I completely agree. I say album/record instead of CD; the latter is displeasing to say. “Tape” takes precedence over “record.” Old habits die hard.

      Hope you enjoy the installment, sir!

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