Observations: Hiccup Monday

The writing process is…

The art of writing a blog post to be published to the alternative Syracuse New Times.  Disliking it.  Scrapping 1,000 words written without hesitation.

The art of writing a second post, disliking it before scrapping the 600 words without hesitation.

Finally writing and settling on a third draft. Disliking parts, tweaking and deleting. Finally enjoying the piece for the most part. Submitting it.

(This is why the Observation post was not completed yesterday. On to next week’s…)

*     *     *

The gentleman walking into the restroom, and he stood at the urinal two away from mine.  He tells me to Shhh.  

Well, it was either me or his dick.

*     *     *

The driver next to me with his air drumsticks played the best solo no one would ever hear.

*     *     *

The bathroom situation was unconventional. One bathroom for the entire event.  It was obvious that the planners saw the potential dilemma, and resolved that meeting with an Oh, well…

*     *     *

The anxiety that goes along with having to go the bathroom, waiting in line, and the fear of actually peeing oneself is without words.

*     *     *

The desire to be disgusted at yourself for postponing going to the bathroom, and wanting to punch yourself in the face for it.

*     *     *

The art of a childlike pee-pee dance as an adult.

*     *     *

The locks, they must be checked.  For the person who walked in on me mid-stream… you’re probably more embarrassed than I am. Just shut the door next time.  Stopping is a pain.

*     *     *

The guy walking (slowly) around with his sunglasses on in the coffee shop, eventually buys only-a-soda, before sitting down and kicking his legs up.  He stares into space.  He slowly sips his soda, raising it to his mouth and placing it down in almost stop-motion.  Finally, he removes his glasses.  Still staring into space, he continually rubs his beard. His performance of That Guy is award winning.

*     *     *

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World” is mesmerizing every time I hear it.  It’s a combination of the vocals and ukulele playing, combining these two very poignant songs, that definitely work.  Hearing others tackle the blend on the ukulele affects me the same.  I don’t know why such a rendition can pause everything, why it has be potential to silence a stadium, and cause each listener to think about life while still paying specific attention to each chord, note, and lyric emitted through speakers.

*     *     *

It was hard to pay attention if there was music playing.  (There was.) However, she swayed and danced on the sidewalk fluidly with her hoop in hand, around her neck, around her waist, and it traveled up and around to her arm.  When she walks into a room, dressed up for the occasion, she has the ability to stop everyone in their tracks and cause them to turn.  In a different light, sunlight specifically, the radiance she offers generates the same reaction despite a different affair.  Her eyes, smile and charm are a four-punch combo to drop jaws and question your ability to be a man.

*     *     *

The spring breezes through the porch, a beer in hand.

*     *     *

You’re a good looking, dude, my friend says to me.  My other friend mentions something about my jaw.

If you were a mafia member, he said to me, you’d be the good looking member of that mafia family who gets killed off pretty early.  It wouldn’t be because you’d do something wrong.  It’s just who you are.

13 thoughts on “Observations: Hiccup Monday

  1. Sometimes when I wake up and I have to pee so badly, I check the time. Then I do a mathematic equation to determine if I can hold it until 6am which is my normal wake up time. Even though it’s insane and the bathroom is 100 feet away. I cant explain it. Or maybe I can; I am lazy.

    1. Hahahaha. Ah the dilemma of night time bathroom visits. You’re not lazy, especially if you calculate the time from when you wake up to when you have to wake up. The pressure has to generate some unique dreams.

      When we are in bed, we’d like to stay in bed. It’s way too comfortable, and regaining that comfort takes a lot to regain when it is disrupted.

  2. Great post!

    Ah, the perplexity of pee. To pee or not to pee, perhaps to wait until it is agony.

    Hmmm, did you just compare writing a post to peeing… and is that perhaps utter brilliance… or was it just accidental genius 😉

    1. Pee and agony do rhyme and go hand-in-hand at times, which are never too pleasant.

      Metaphorically, yes, but I definitely had to pee that instant. If there was a camera, it would have picked up on my pacing.

  3. So glad I’m not the only one who delays until it’s so severely urgent that it makes for a good story to write about later. That rendition of over the rainbow might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

    1. It was part delaying and part being indecisive, a harsh personal critic. I’m definitely a picky person when it comes to writing some posts.

      I’m glad you feel the same way about the song as well! It validates that comment. 🙂

      Hope your week is starting off well!

      1. Sorry I was vague. I meant delaying a trip to the loo. Such a bother sometimes. 😉 I can tell you’re a deliberate writer. That’s why I follow along my friend.

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