Oh, Time

Time, it’s not on our side.  With all the issues like France’s restricting checking emails after 6 p.m., moving Passover because American Jews are too busy, and the concept of Black Friday blanketing Thanksgiving and bumping the holiday off the calendars.

Are we Stateswomen and Statesmen working too much? Paying attention to our technology? Essentially ignoring ourselves and others around us?

My latest at Kinani Blue, LLC.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Time

    1. Thank you so much, Mark. It means so much..

      It’s a big topic, and it was difficult to condense it to that length. I replied to you on the post.

      I loved your including the work habits of your parents, their generation. Through the years, all of the stories (and complaints toward the present) heard is nothing short of interesting and entertaining. We cannot turn back the clocks, unfortunately.

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