Snark Tuesdays

I’ve been ignoring our relationship. It’s been five days. I’m sorry for not calling, or texting (because that habit i’s easier). I didn’t email, which could have been another method, but all of your addresses are not in my contact list. Online communication has it’s ups and downs.

In regard to the ups and downs of communication, I tackle online dating this week. There is no exposing dates-gone-wrong, because that would exceed a number of words that no one would have read, never second guessing writing the dreaded TL;DR in red and on their computer screen. So I poke fun at online dating. In typical Christopher-fashion, I’m facetious about it. However, my inner Carlos Mencia shows at the end; this is specifically referring to his wrapping up every show and stand up act with the same redundant high note.

As much as I poke fun at the sites/apps/methods I’ve tried, there are people out there with online dating success stories, and one is a good friend of mine.

Although the high note is a brief example, I back it up with a story and other positive quips. Instead of a mob of fire and pitchfork carrying angry people, there only be a will be that handful of folk who didn’t read to the end. (The ones that “missed the memo.”)

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Without further ado:

The Inevitable Coffee Ring:

14 thoughts on “Snark Tuesdays

  1. I sit and read Craigslist ads for hours sometimes. I need a shower afterwards, but it is still pretty fun.

  2. Found it! This Coffee Ring of yours is a gem. I like your humor and your writing style, part Karouac part Fratellis. Always enjoyable!

  3. Definitely laughed aloud at this: “People say God has a plan; this is not what was meant by plan.” And Craigslists’ missed connections offers me endless amounts of amusement when there is truly nothing else.

    1. The online dating experiences (the specifics will have to be listed for another time despite my alluding to them) were quite interesting.

      People are so vague and ridiculous on Craigslist, and the connections do burn a lot of time. The Best Of Craigslist on the site is double the entertainment.

      Thanks always for your insight, Aussa!

    1. I’m really loving your posts on the coffee ring. Some of those dating sites/apps I had never heard of which made me realize how much the concept has grown. The Christian Mingle one was my favorite. 🙂 Too funny.

      1. Thanks, Deanna! I definitely appreciate hearing that.

        There are probably more of the dating site options out there, but there is only so much time anyone should spend on a post. Christian Mingle is just plain ridiculous. For the uber-religious people, they should feel disgusted that the owners are so confident that this illustrate’s God ‘s plan and approves this.

        Hope your week is going well!

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