Musical Chemistry

Life has gotten busy, folks. Sorry for the lack of posting. I’ll get around to it. A draft has been fermenting, but I may just use it for my Snark Tuesday segment that leads you over to Syracuse New Times. It’s personally desired to get a draft to my editors by Sunday, and crunch time is looming. Saturday is going to deal with all-day business, but it should be all good.

I’ve been relishing the lunch outing with Mark B. on Tuesday at Syracuse’s very own and beloved Brooklyn Pickle, which–despite being at the beginning of the week–was the intermission. I could talk to that guy for hours, but he had places to be. We talked about many of you fellow bloggers, life, and writing (of course). It came to find out that he and I have/had applied for many of the same jobs in our area with the same amount of luck.

For this music man and the music-filled week, which started off with the Deer Tick and The Hold Steady show at Rochester’s Water Street Music Hall

At the Drive-In became a favorite of mine back in 2000, when their single “One Armed Scissor” hit the Syracuse air waves. The punk rock and post-hardcore (a designation often used despite my not fully getting it) band wowed me with Cedric’s lyrics and their relentless songs. The band broke up, and the members branched out into two groups: The Mars Volta and Sparta, whose “Cut Your Ribbon” echoed through the second floor in Littell Hall, Oneonta State campus in 2002 (in time for spring).  Sparta’s Wiretap Scars (2002) won me over more than The Mars Volta’s debut De-Loused in the Comatorium (2003), due to release date and style.

There is no real necessity to go into history or anything, including my enjoyment of the three projects. There music would not make it on to this blog if I did not enjoy them, of course.

It’s Friday. so let’s listen to some music. The lyrics are work appropriate, but all three are rock, punk, prog.  Here is a nice chemistry equation, because admitting to performing math in my blog is practically a faux pas.




4 thoughts on “Musical Chemistry

  1. Lunch was filled with lively conversation for sure, Chris. And thank you for the gift of Augustines music, my friend. (He burned me two CDs of this cool band, world, so be envious!) Have a good weekend, and may you make your deadline, as always.

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