Femininity in Retrospect | Franklin Square | Downtown Syracuse

I don’t reblog my own work, because I had thought that whatever I wrote was complete and utter rubbish. My switching to WordPress in the middle of April 2013, gave me some boost of confidence.

This, “Femininity in Retrospect,” was probably one of the first posts I’ve given myself a pat on the back about. It was written April 30, 2013. Tomorrow is my Syracuse New Times post, so it’s being posted a couple days early to avoid clashing. It’s been a few days since I updated, so it’s appropriate. Plus! Many of you will get to see what I wrote before getting involved wholeheartedly with WP.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Christopher S. Malone

Great ideas come to those in retrospect.

Franklin Square

The Tazo tea–Lotus–steeping in the cup, paper.  And this reminds me:  Downtown Syracuse should put out more recycle-friendly bins.  I am one of those persons who finishes what’s in the cup, drinking tea for enjoyment and refreshment and soul saturation.  However, amidst the vapor wafting through the mouth of the cover, Franklin Square was drenched in perceived feminism.

It’s perceived, because of several reasons.  The cherry blossoms, the buds and the colors, and anything frivolously delicate.  Of the approximated 1o people seen:  all women (10), minus 1 (oh, so 9).  The one male was tending to the dogs.  If this were text, an actual text and not an entry out reading and comprehending from the feminist approach to analyze literature would have come too easily.  There is sexuality with the blooming, the budding, the pollination, and whatever biological allusion one can come up with.  The one…

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