Terrible Tuesday

There is nothing snarky about today’s post. It’s a terrible piece of writing, and there is hope someone calls me out on the mess that’s written for the Syracuse New Times. I don’t want to boost it, or boast it, but I’ll do the former because everything cannot be gems. I love the compliments, but I love complaints just as much, and I’m wondering if the SNT readers are too timid to tell me something sucks.

Thank you to my editors at the publication. I owe you big.

However, the readers…

Hey, at least Malone didn’t curse today, they’ll say.

Hey, at least he shortened this piece today, they’ll say.

Whoever they are….

There will be some disgusted folk, and they will be questioning SNT, why the alternative newspaper took me on as a blogger. Keep in mind, this is news, I’ll be contributing on Thursdays as well.

This forward is to let all you dissers know that I’m in the same boat as you, but I get to come down on myself in the mirror. I’m courageous to call myself out, looking myself in the eyes.

Feed me to the lions. Bring me to the guillotine. Off with my head.

Are you not entertained?!?

No, Russell. I’m not.


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I knew what I wanted to write about. My cousin’s comment about perception resonated so well, and it was an easy gift from the world of inspiration. This was Easter Sunday. I had the second round of going through the novel I’ve been editing, so I knew the post would get done Wednesday evening. Ideas were mapped out. It was personally anticipated to create this monster of a post.

However, one idea one-upped into another, and others followed suit. The metaphors got too big to the point where they were being explained (tsk, tsk), and the post did turn into Blueberry Hill without the thrills. After scrapping the first draft, I found myself working on the 9th or 10th on Sunday evening. I scrapped that, reworded it, and struggled through the final draft on Monday. It was like churning Play-Doh through the toy grinder, and the gunk jams the cheap plastic toy.

Ty, the digital media guy for the SNT, slapped me around a little bit, reassuring me that 1) the artist in me was appearing, and (2) writing is definitely a passion of mine, and (3) I am here (living and breathing) to write or communicate (at least).

Still. Considering my personal growth, I should be better than this. However, I’m beating myself up over… nothing.

Many other bloggers are feeling the same way. I’m not going to mention them, taking the conservative route here, because there is no intention of making them feel like I’m throwing their writing under the bus. Damn you, Christopher, you knew I’m in this funk, they’d say. Yeah.

So, enjoy the mess. Here is my latest at the SNThttp://www.syracusenewtimes.com/this-show-is-a-life/ 

Anyways. By a show of hands (or comments?) who else is feeling the Spring Cleaning Blues with writing brain farts? 

We’re all here for each other.

16 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. Everyday I get home, look at my computer and think “Nope. I’m going to eat chocolate for dinner and watch Lord of the Rings instead of writing.” And then I do.

  2. Thank you for the mention in your SNT post 🙂

    I have to say that you have a certain something which is intricately clever. This introduction to your SNT post ties in beautifully with the post itself. The movement is fluid, the connections are tendrils weaving their way through your words and all the other ways you express yourself, visual imagery, punctuation, pauses, etc. And when you end something, you never end it, there’s a whisper trailing off in the teasing wind of a breath beckoning the reader to follow the sound.

    Sometimes I’m not sure that you’re real, I wonder if you’re a character created by a visionary author who finds that the character is slowly coming to life and taking over the life of the author, and soon the character will be real and the author will be a character in a book.

    You are a talented being!

    1. Ursula, thank you so much!

      My goal with this is to incorporate a variety of bloggers who I enjoy and follow. I may not comment all the time on posts, I’ll “like” one here or there, but I do read them even if no one hears from me. So, this is how I like to thank people.

      I definitely appreciate your comments about my writing. Glad we follow each other.

      In fact, I might not be real. Who knows?

      The last paragraph struck a chord. Irish author, Flann O’Brien (deceased) — a pen name for Brian O’Nolan — wrote a book At Swim-Two-Birds. It’s a brilliant novel. I also enjoyed his The Third Policeman. His writing is almost very “post-modern” and surreal, but the worlds he create are “reality.”

      Brendan Gleeson has been trying to adapt the book for years. He needs to finalize something ASAP. If the rumored cast is still into participating, the movie will be incredible.

      Until next time…

  3. thought it was a great post, i’m one who enjoys following a myriad of thoughts and ideas and whatnots., not a problem for me. loved the desk pic by the way. stop being so hard on yourself and just go with your natural talent and i agree, connect with your cherry blossom asap.

  4. OK, stop with the “terrible piece of writing” bull. We are our own worst critics and that being said, we all have times that we’re not feeling our finest work is displayed. Your blog post for the SNT did not suck in the slightest, so ease up on yourself! I enjoyed it tremendously. Have you asked out Cherry Blossom yet?!

    1. Haha. I’m my own worst critic, I suppose. Thank you, I definitely appreciate you reading and commenting.

      I haven’t asked Cherry Blossom girl out, because it’s been a year since I’ve seen her. Maybe I’ll run into her tomorrow? If I do, well, it’s a sign. 🙂

      1. Stop with the sign business! While I’m sure your life sometimes feels like you’re living in a romantic comedy…lightening doesn’t always strike twice. 🙂
        Won’t you always wonder what could have been if you never ask her out?

      2. But I caaaaaaan’t. Hahaha.

        True, lighting does not. You never get a second chance to make a first impression as well. Well, today is the complete opposite day as it was one year ago… rain included. However, there is another interest on my mind.

        (Yes, I have asked her out. We’ve done dinner once before, but she has been recently busy with the end of school. We’ll see how this turns out.)

  5. My comment part two because you really asked for it today:

    The Coffee Ring installment might even be your best, and I’m not saying this because you mentioned my very perceptive observation about your writing in segment one. Yes, it was a compliment, duh!

    You are you all the way through it. I love the photo of the desk outside, which was a teaser to the thought you planted at the end of you uprooting yourself to work there from here on.

    Remember, nobody else saw drafts one through nine, the ones that you scrapped. All the readers just caught the finale.

    Have a good day, and now you have Thursday’s installment to write. Congratulations.

    1. It was due for your mentioning. It should have been sooner, but your words rang very well last week.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      It cannot be said enough.

      I was me, and I’m glad it shine through the jumble of thoughts, strung together by fishing wire. I would love to work at that desk, to see that view everyday.

      Have a great day, Mark. Stay dry. Thanks for your support.

      1. Yes, indeed. I just got finished writing my waer blog for posting tomorrow. Now I’m thinking about second part of SNT due tomorrow afternoon. No day for an outdoor desk, today, sir. You are welcome and thank you for your support, too.

  6. Dude. Your brain is your own worst enemy. I do not think that you ever experience that word — think, that is — without placing the life-altering “over” in front of it.

    There, is that enough of a metaphorical slap upside the head for you today, Malone?

    1. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste…” as they say. I’ll accept the one given to me for better or worse. (Do any of us really have a choice? Haha.)

      Over thinking can be as much of a blessing as it is discouraging.

      I’ll accept the slap.

      (On to comment #2…)

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