Shot of Espresso, Dose of Insight

There is surveillance everywhere. There are cameras to pick up your smooth moves, your riding the grocery cart to-and-from the store, and to witness your robbing a store or bank. It’s impossible to get away with anything. On top of Big Brother watching, the rest of the society is filled with people with senses. They can see and/or hear what you do, what you say, and it can fall back upon you. If your audacity supposedly wins affection from others, its best to tread lightly. You don’t know who you’re going to offend or attract. On behalf of the writers, bloggers… we’re more abundant than people think, and the world is at our fingertips, and we will write just about anything in.

The Shot of Espresso, the new Syracuse New Times Thursday piece under The Inevitable Coffee Ring, is an attempt to take on — to get in the habit of bringing back –this blog’s Observation Sundays segment (currently on hiatus for a short amount of time). This should also give practice into writing shorter pieces.

I do have a conservative side despite my pub talk being pub talk (there are times and places), the characters I create are fiction in specific cases and while on stage, but I’m not putting on a facade like Stephen Colbert in his Comedy Central show. It’s not a conservative designation to believe in good manners, however; this is more common sense or courtesy than anything else.

My ears got wind of a couple’s argument at a table next to mine. The cafe’s music was playing, my buds were in, and it was hard to distinguish was was being said. There was curiosity, but his cursing through his teeth at her threw me off. His menacing grimace and beady eyes added to to a mask that was clownish. He, who was at rest and spread out across the couch, claiming the spot as his own and as he claimed an entire table the day before, strolled over with feet a notch below a stomp.

So, there a decision was made to write about one branch of communication. The post mentions how cursing can be used very sparingly for emphasis, but too much of it takes away from the dispute. The argument inevitably becomes an argument, but in the sense of a derailed train. Point, direction, tactic, and feelings are all killed in the wreckage. If the person is human, this guy in particular, he’ll be left feeling shame and guilt. If… We can hope for the best.

Remember to keep your dirty laundry at home.

The Shot of Espresso (#001):

8 thoughts on “Shot of Espresso, Dose of Insight

  1. Oh man, I would have probably said something. Or at least shot him dirty looks for a while so he’d get the hint LOL I’m totally one of those people. Kudos to you. Your patience and restraint is commendable.

    1. Thank you. I did glare at him the day before for hogging the table all to himself. He was essentially waiting for his girlfriend to get there, but occupying such a table for two hours is a bit on the rude-ish side.

  2. After visiting our Thursday shared home-away-from-home — consecutive SNT site posts for you and I, hooray, sir — I must say that you demonstrated considerable restraint toward Mr. Potty Side Of His Mouth. An acceptable reaction might have been to rip the earbuds out of your ears, stand up, mutter “hey, stop it” and take one menacing step toward the guy. Although that may have embarrassed the poor woman even more. For I do think she felt more shame than he did. Guys like that don’t ever seem to get the red-face for their sorry behavior. Good first shot of espresso, Chris.

    1. Thank you, Mark.

      I definitely saw the consecutive posts, which is similar to being about to hang out with you this rainy Thursday.

      I just checked out Grand Budapest Hotel (finally), but now I’m going to head over to your blog space and see what else is going on in your world.

      1. I loved it. It’s a wonderful frame story. However, to toot my Wes Anderson obsession, I was watching every scene to see the symmetry in his cinematography.

        Also, finding this info out before the movie began, today is Wes’ birthday…

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