Because You’re Mindful

Because you have to be aware of your surroundings.

Because sometimes you have to put down your technology.

Because you have to take a break.

Because you have to open your eyes a little wider.

Because you have to take a weight off your mind.

Because you have to take a walk.

Because you have to play.

Because you have to prioritize.

Because you have to eat.

Because you have to look up.

Because you have to communicate.

Because you have to be aware.

Because you have a life.

Because you have to make love.

Because you have to play golf.

Because you have to smile.

Because you have to breathe.

Because you have to watch a movie, show.

Because you have to go to class.

Because you have to go to the bathroom.

Because you have to walk your dog.

Because you have to go to Mass.

Because you have to attend a game.

Because you have to pay your respects.

Because you have to go fishing.

Because you have to hike.

Because you have to have to have human interaction.

Because you have to.

Tuesday’s SNT post:


21 thoughts on “Because You’re Mindful

  1. The line, “Pee filled super soakers” makes me sad. But finding Bill Bryson made me smile. A walk in the woods and The lost continent are favorites of mine. Practicing mindfulness in theory sounds so simple. Never knew how restless my mind was until I tried it the first time. Great posts! Thanks

    1. A mind is very restless. It’s amazing what even 10 minutes of closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can do.

      Yeah, the Super Soaker incident wasn’t a very fun one; I wasn’t around for that (fortunately), but it was unfortunate for my brother and a friend.

      Bill Bryson is the man! He is such an amazing writer. You do have good taste, there is no denying.

  2. Glorious as always.

    I love the word mindfulness and what it means to me. Once I told my brother about a quote from Kurt Vonnegut. That sometimes he would be just farting around with his family, not doing anything in particular and he would be struck by how great his life was. And that it was our obligation to point that out when we thought of it. And he and his family would point it out by saying “If this isn’t nice then I don’t know what is.”

    It’s something my brother and I say now too. Like a code. My family was not very expressive and I think this is our way of appreciating each other and saying ‘I love you.’

    Also, I adore Kurt Vonnegut. His essays kill me.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. It’s definitely personal, and I appreciate your sharing the anecdote. It’s a cool thing you and your brother have going.

      I love Vonnegut, too. He’s a great man.

  3. Loved this and the corresponding post because…..I do. 🙂 Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We should all live more unplugged than we do, if nothing else, remember our priorities. (IMO)

  4. I just finished the Coffee Ring over at SNT. I enjoyed both posts today, Chris.

    Because life is really making me feel like a circus ringmaster lately.

    Now I must tell you that I raise one eyebrow at anybody who decides to put both ketchup AND mustard on their mixed double. Now that is a piece to the puzzle.

      1. Yes, that is much consolation. Ketchup on fries and burgers. Mustard on dogs and ham and pastrami. Mayo on tuna and turkey. Condiments according to Bialczak.

  5. It’s kind of funny — I was going to write “Nice — it’s almost like a meditation” and then I looked up and saw that you had tagged it just so.
    Thanks for this, Mr. Malone.

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