Snark Tuesdays

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

Dorothy Parker

Life, as they say, is what we make of it.

We grow up. It’s inevitable. We have to do adult things, and that’s a given. There is a bottomless basket filled with things responsibilities that need attention, and we have to accomplish these tasks regardless on how repetitive they are. Shaving is not one of my favorite things in the world, it’s a minute-eating habitual necessity. However, I have to do it.

Laundry has to be done.

Hygiene — all forms — has to be taken care of.

Bills have to be paid; therefore, seeking employment is necessary.

We have the option of taking the easy way out or challenging ourselves. We can walk away, or we can embrace the negativity and turn it positive. For the writers reading this — there is no excuse for nuggets of coal being given to us to and not polishing them into gems or diamonds. Of all the times I’ve missed opportunities, stepped over those stones that could skip 20+ times before sinking into the body of water. There are times that I could and can slap myself.

As for the adulthood. Our life and path has been given to us. Life presents us with surprises for the good and for the worse, and some things we cannot have control over. We have taken the routes that presented us; some routes were direct and sometimes we ran through the brush, explored caves, jumped off a cliff. We choose the people we hang around with for benefit, and hopefully the benefit is friendship instead of a parasitic one. (Karma will find you.) The people we choose not to hang out with… well, sometimes we have to work with them and/or they are in our lives, swimming about, so often that they cannot be avoided. There is a certainty that there is one aspect of those singular people that keeps us tolerant, an aspect that we can all agree on.

Sometimes it pays to be nice, but the more you grit your teeth, the more your chompers will wear down to the point where your smile is seen through.

If you can’t tolerate it, stare off into space. Call yourself out on not paying attention. Because honesty is hard. Don’t blatantly slander a person for who they are, and if they are boring. Question and poke to find out what makes the person tic; they might be more interesting if you show your interest.

Take yourself out of a situation if it’s that bad. If life is that intolerable, make a move, but don’t (try to ) bring others down with you. They’ll simply let go and brush your hand away, pinching your fingers if necessary should your hands be grasping clothing. They have lives of their own, too.

Sometimes life won’t be exciting. Sometimes you have to enjoy that perceived dullness. It’s simply a break. The spiritual or worldly officials called a time out. Utilize the moment. Rest easy, and take a seat; kick your feet up. The down time is just as interesting as the up time. Write about it; you’ll have to look deeper, but write about it. The beauty of a challenge.

(Thanks, Mark.)

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28 thoughts on “Snark Tuesdays

  1. It’s odd to me that you posted this today, which marks the second time I’ve given in to the urge to anonymously snark about a woman like this through social media. She will never see the comments, and no one except my husband knows who I’m actually talking about but… it gives me such HUGE relief to express how deeply she bothers me.

    And yet. Why does she bother me so much? It probably says more about me than it does about her, and she was probably placed in my path so I could grow up a little bit and learn how to walk the walk of not judging people.

    It is NOT easy. Nope nope nope.

    1. You should make a story about it, creative Non-fiction, about this woman and her mundane routine. There are a couple of people that really grind my gears with their frustrating, demeaning, and duplicitous personalities — that’s life.

      You’re right. She was placed in your life as a challenge. You will learn to tolerate these types of people. It’s not that you are judging them, but it’s because they are the self-centered and insecure type who leech off of society, not caring (or not thinking) about how they do. We’re going to come across many of these people, but you will surely grow.

  2. “…if they are boring. Question and poke to find out what makes the person tic; they might be more interesting if you show your interest.”

    Some of the best friends in my life, I disliked immensely at first go, or they just bored me. Everyone deserves a second or even third look.

    Great post.

    1. I thought I had replied to this, but it apparently did not take.

      You’re absolutely right. Some people take time to warm up or to warm up to. It’s the constant complainers that you have to worry about, the ones who are never satisfied and are unafraid to say so. They differ from the quiet types.

  3. I just read your article. I should have waited to comment. Oh well.

    Moist is disgusting. Also, have you read my life’s mottos? Because in it I say that only boring people are bored. True story.

  4. Back from Coffee Ring. What a contemplative Tuesday, Mr. Malone. And I like it.

    Life IS what you make of it. Good call, all the way around, both columns.

    1. Glad you are digging the coffee ring. Thanks for telling me to just sit and get it done, and my resistance to do so was a nice stepping stone.

      Thanks, Mark.

      Did you see the poll at the end of the post?

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