And Sometimes

Sometimes when you least expect it, you’ll find a gem. Sometimes that gem-to-be is covered in soot or dirt or dust.

Sometimes it’s so simple.

However, when you notice this gem, it will morph into something greater and sweeter than you expected.

My latest with Syracuse New Times. Here’s your espresso shot:

52 thoughts on “And Sometimes

  1. Reblogged this on An Upturned Soul and commented:
    A beautiful gem of a post (if you follow the link on the reblogged post) by a very talented writer and great observer of life, of hidden gems, others and himself.

    Chris is one of those gems of which he speaks – sometimes I think of him as having stepped out of a P. G. Wodehouse novel (and I don’t just mean his Jeeves and Wooster series) – that’s a compliment as far as I’m concerned, as he is one of my favourite authors and his characters have a richly timeless quality.

    You’re so money, Chris!, and you don’t even know it! (referencing another one of his wonderful posts) –


    Thank you for sharing!

  2. There is nothing, Nothing, more romantic than a letter. I love reading old love letters. Even though they aren’t to me, they still make me get a bit swoon-y.

      1. There is no woman on this planet that wouldn’t. And if she doesn’t, send them to me. I’ll appreciate the hell out of them!

      2. Aww. That sounds very sweet. I have a pen pal too. It’s my sister’s ex-boyfriend. He is awesome and hilarious and is an amazing artist. I love getting letters. And writing them. I used to write to the soldiers overseas too.

      3. I don’t want to hijack your comments section with my responses. So stop saying things I want to respond to! But you are right on that one. I even write myself notes all day and leave them around as reminders.

      4. Hahaha! In that case, do you only write to the college friend? I keep thinking I want to get a pen pal from Europe (I love foreign post).

      5. I get super excited about getting mail. And not just because I buy myself presents on the internet all the time. I think I am going to do a blog post about it now. Thanks for the idea!

      6. I know. And all these proposed cutbacks to the USPS makes me sad. We should start a campaign for everyone to start writing letters. Get some support for the postal service again. Also, I sound like a total hipster douche right now. But I don’t even care. Letters have more value than an email or a text or even a phone call. It’s a physical reminder of some expression of emotion.

      7. Writing letters is not “hipster” and they have no right claiming it as their own. It’s something done and started waaaaay before their time. Hipsters and their latching onto things they wish they had done first…

      8. I just meant me trying to revive writing letters is hipsterish. Like trying to bring back vinyl (which I secretly do prefer) or fixed gear bikes or thrift store clothes (which I also wear) and now I am pretty sure I am actually a hipster and just realized it. I have the dorky thick framed glasses and everything! Oh well.

      9. Hahaha! No, a hipster would have an Apple Mac Book Pro with fake wood grain paneling and the original Apple rainbow logo. And a mustache.

      10. Take me with you!

        By the way, I’ve genuinely enjoyed ruining your comment section for my own desires. Thanks for letting me.

      11. I love snark. I think it is socially encouraged/acceptable to be snarky about hipsters. And I’m watching Adventures in Babysitting.

      12. I’m pretty sure that comic book loving little girl is based on me. Also, her outfit kicks ass.

      13. The hottest guy in the movie that also tries to be a good friend? That’s way better than being a comic book loving child.

      14. Yeah, I couldn’t deny it anyway. I am a huge comic nerd. I have a whole shelf on my bookshelf just for comics.

  3. Beautiful all the way around, Christopher, this Espresso shot of yours. Your appreciation of the world around you is finely tuned. Do you think that woman with her feet in the fountain has a postcard like this tucked away somewhere. Oh, I shouldn’t sully your grandparents moment …

    1. Thanks, Mark! Glad you enjoyed it.

      No worries. The moment isn’t ruined, and neither was our lunch. No fountain bathers today!

      The postcard would read: Greetings from Syracuse Springs!

  4. You are truly a romantic, darling — how you keep the cynicism away I’ll never know, but I thank you for this lovely story.

  5. I just read the story. Beautiful. That has to still exist in this world, it just gets lost with all the technology and instant communications.

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