Syracuse Night Life, Dating: The Saga Contiues

How about more subjective dirt on the Syracuse night life and dating scene, how to generate ideas and topics to talk about, and more dirt on yours truly. The last time I posted something about dating through the Syracuse New Times was about a month ago. It’s time for an update.

It’s been a handful of days, and I’ve missed all of you. To the bloggers: I promise to catch up with your updates; I usually follow through.

Since finishing this piece, I have decided to take a step back into the online dating world, because Cupid gave me the A-OK. I made the mistake of using my actual name instead of a screen name. I’ve come across too many familiar faces, which — to my surprise — is humbling and comforting. I’ve only sent one message to one young woman, but there is no way in Hades I’ll be talking about her. I am actually shocked my decision to be proactive this early. Lastly, there already has been one crazy who decided to find me on Facebook and send a friend request. After looking at my profile almost a handful of times, she then decided to send me a message, via Facebook, apologizing with saying she accidentally hit it. The friend request button is specific and small, and it has to be zeroed in on.

The message came after — a good 10 minutes — writing a disclaimer to not friend me on social media.  It played out like the scene, or had the potential to, in Swingers when Jon Favreau keeps calling the woman he met at the bar that night, playing out a six-month-relationship’s worth of calls in three minutes. Ironically, I watched the movie a couple days ago for the first time in a couple years. Love that movie.

No, it’s not about sexual swinging. We’re talking jazz club swinging. Here is the clip:


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27 thoughts on “Syracuse Night Life, Dating: The Saga Contiues

  1. That’s why I am never on my Facebook. I don’t need weirdo people from my past stalking me. They’ll have to suffer through reading my blog to do that.

  2. I haven’t seen Swingers, but I may have to check it out. I snorted too at the accidental friend request, but I’m glad to hear you’re giving it a shot! Surely there will be some good blog fodder throughout. 😉

    1. Whaaaaat? Really? You and hubby need to get on that movie. So, so great.

      Right now there are no issues. I’m talking to the one interest, she should be have a nickname, but patience is a virtue with it. I forget if I wrote that she has a back story, looking familiar. If it is the same person who I kicked myself after for not talking to, well, it’s my second chance.

      Everything else has been calm since, but we shall see. Women are not messaging me, I wish they would. Ah, well. I met another girl the other night. Adorable.

  3. A great movie! Wasn’t Vince V a riot in that? “All grown up!” Looking fwd to catching up with the coffee ring. Thanks for the update!

    1. Hahaha. Yes! Glad you got a kick out of that. I’m going to consider that a victory on my part.

      To follow up… She sent me a message saying she is displeased that I talked about this. I didn’t reply back, because I’m just not going to deal with it. I can see her being aggravated if I used her actual name/screen name, but I didn’t.

      Thanks for following!

      1. Wait, what? She reads the blog, too?? Uh-oh. 🙂

        and, yes, anytime I snort, you should consider it a victory. I love snort-worthy posts.

  4. i’m an online dater, and don’t get nervous or uptight about it. just meet for coffee or drink or walk or lunch or whatever…always learn something, always an adventure of some sort… met my old boyfriend this way, some have become very good friends. you have nothing to lose and nothing to fear, just jump in ) ps – i loved swingers too

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Beth. It’s been an interesting trip in regard to the online stuff within the last 48 hours. I’ve sent more messages to matches, but I’m still curious about the one who I first messaged. She seems great, and there is actually a back story to this “second chance.”

      To make things worse, I met a very, very pretty and charming woman last night. She’s quirky and she seems really fun. Numbers were exchanged, and I hope to hang out with her soon.

      Thanks for the comment, Beth. “You’re so money.”

    1. It’s easy to avoid hitting the friend request button on Facebook. I’m fine with people asking to connect, especially with all you bloggers/writers that I’ve connected with on here. I don’t mind of any or all writers connect with me. I’m too shy to do so myself.

      But having not even messaged the person is crazy. She got pissed at me, because I tweeted and wrote about it, but her name was never used. Oh well. I would expect someone to do the same about me, should I misstep.

      I’m trying to turn my Facebook into a networking vehicle rather than “just for friends.” I’m not as outspoken on there as Twitter or here, but it is what it is.

      Thanks for stopping by, kid. I appreciate it. 🙂

      1. If she was pissed at the mere mention of her actions, then good riddance! Not a match made in heaven, obviously! Because it was pretty funny and if she could have laughed at herself, might have been a different story.

        Facebook can be so wonky. Although with past dating experiences of mine, I rarely give my full name before ‘getting to know someone’ so there is zero chance they can find me on there!

      2. No, she wasn’t attractive anyways. I’m not afraid to admit it. We all — you and I especially since this is our conversation, but not excluding the rest of us writer types — have no issue with laughing at ourselves. We do it when we write and we shake our heads with humor.

        Oh well.

        The other matches are seemingly cool. It’s best to focus on them and what is/could be ahead.

    1. I know, right? Oh well. She got mad because I tweeted about it. Lord knows if she read this.


      However, I’m not throwing her under the bus by mentioning her name or giving any details about her. I’m snarky, not disrespectful.

      The Bachelor? Oh, yes! I finally made it on trashy cable television. Could you imagine if I was on there? Oy vey.

      I’m not sure how old you are — you don’t have to tell me — but do you remember those “game shows” Elimidate or Blind Date that aired in the early 2000’s? Hysterical. If people gave me sass, I would never keep them around for ratings, despite the network telling me to do so.

      Hope all is good, Audrey.

      1. Who cares if she reads this, Chris. She’s not for you, obviously.

        The woman for you is the one who has the brightest smile in the room you’re in. Remember that! She is smiling for you. I guarantee it.

        I caught that, Chris. You are a good man.

        I’d watch and expect to be your phone a friend when you need advice. 🙂

        I think I have you by about 5-7 years. (But no one believes me, which is frustrating, because I earned my life experiences. However, I like looking young.) Yes, of course I remember those shows. I watched one where the guy was a millionaire, but the girls didn’t know it. Train wreck. Ha! I am pretty sure you’d prove yourself on one of those shows. I can’t bring myself to watch them anymore. I tried for my friends, but those people are sooooo frustrating.

        All is super duper, Chris. I just said good-bye to my MWF class today. Teacher boo hoo moments went well. One more tomorrow… this T-TH class is full of gems, so I will be a mascara smearing mess. Don’t watch!! Smiles.

        Have a great night!

      2. You are a riot. I’ll be glad to phone you as a friend for advice.

        You’re older than me? Nonsense!

        They would purposely kick the quiet, girl-next-door, the one to bring home to mom off in the first or second elimination. It was so frustrating.

        Aw, I can imagine saying goodbye is tough. The life of teaching. It’s super rewarding. I actually got my first fan email yesterday. It was shocking. The girl/woman is a teacher as well, and it’s cool to hear that your writing is appreciated. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to compliment her job in return. Oh, if I only stuck with pursuing the profession.

      3. Ha! Yes!! I’ve always wanted to be a phone a friend. I am really good under pressure, Chris, just so you know. *smiles*

        I think I am… pfft!

        Why do they always send the good girl home?? She’s always the one I root for, honestly. Probably because I relate to her, but come on. What idiot sends home the girl who won’t break his heart…oh, yeah, the horny one.

        Yes, it was another emotional day. Good-bye Bear Cub class. It was a heck of a year. My spanish background was truly tested this year. I had a little girl from Russia who spoke no english and needed to be suited for public school next year. Talk about a crash course in Russian. I am not so sure she speaks english really well, but she is amazing at spanish. LOL… My spanish speaking students are english speaking students, but my Russian is now a Spaniard. Ha. Where’d I go wrong? Thank God it is summer!

  5. Very good Coffee Ring post this week, Chris.

    Something must be done about the initial conversational bar hurdle. Obviously. You can do it. It’s only a conversation, not a proposal, or a proposition, or a date invitation … repeat three times in your head and then say hello.

    I would guess that the tie-puller had a problem with the distance, not the city. She was confident and knew what she wanted. Good, no?

    1. Really? How was that diner? You didn’t jump on the table and create a ruckus, right? Haha. If you did, you’d be less of a jerk about it than Vince.

      The tie-puller probably did have an issue with the long distance. She was (probably still is) a beautiful girl. We had a great conversation, and I’m sure it was one of the few normal/good ones she had in a New York bar. Too bad I had to disappoint her with reality. Such as life.

      Things have gotten interesting in the (potential) dating realm in the last 24 hours, Mark. Very. Darn. Interesting. I got over that fear of conversation for some reason yesterday, and it had nothing to do with booze for liquid confidence. I didn’t freeze. She joined our table at the Local Thirst event at Bull and Bear, and we talked from 6:15ish to about 9:15ish. I made home in time for Fargo, but was willing to miss it.

      1. Yes! I hope there will be another meeting soon. No must-wait-this-amount-of-time rules, please and thank you. Be natural. Be yourself. Eat a Snickers. Coach Mark says go out there and have fun at the game of life!

  6. ‘Swingers’ is a truly cool film. You are right about that, Chris. When my dear wife Karen and I went to L.A. and stood in line to get into ‘The Price Is Right,’ we and the family we met from New Jersey went to eat breakfast in the diner in which they filmed the breakfast scene in ‘Swingers’ during the hour they furloughed everybody from the line. Now I’m off to SNT land to read Coffee Ring dating reveals and non-reveals, sir.

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