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There was a difficult time clicking the Submit button for today’s Syracuse New Times update. Although, the piece is personally felt as “choppy,” my mom liked it. She thought it was good, which is the most commonly used adjective for things she likes. Aside from giving my dad a shout out this week, his opinion has yet to be expressed. I’m sure he dug it.

It goes without saying that family and friends can keep anyone from moving away, but they will support you regardless. Syracuse and it’s little aspects keep me stationary as well.

Syracuse’s Landmark Theatre

More detail (or little) is explained on the Inevitable Coffee Ring installment why The Landmark Theatre is amazing to me. It’s aesthetically amazing, magnificent. Antique stores are mentioned as well, and their copious offerings allow you to take a step back and out into another realm.

A movie based on Improv EverywhereWe Cause Scenes, was viewed at the theatre. One of our buddies at the Syracuse Improv Collective is featured in the film significantly, and it was great supporting his endeavors. He taught me a heck of a lot, after all. It was a great little inspirational flick regarding improv, harmless pranks that people get up-in-arms about, and simply living and making life more enjoyable.

Some updates:

Cracked has now upped their ante with giving me more articles, which I’m pumped about. The editing is time consuming, and I may be spending more time than necessary on the posts, but doing a great job is ideal to me.

After speaking with Ty at the SNT, after he sent me an article related to OkCupid and dating and questions for research purposes in regard to Coffee Ring updates — I’m already an open book, and it’s good to give the reading masses what they want. However, I was happy to tell him that I’ve no longer contemplated the online thing. It doesn’t seem appropriate when your interest lies elsewhere. Then we got into talking about this girl, whose name was never disclosed and will not be mentioned be on here. After a date the other night, after an interesting occurrence that allowed my jaw drop to the table and could have forced her to drop everything and run to the hills, she rolled with the punches … and she helped fix my jaw back into place. She’s sincere and has a good sense of humor. She has an incredible smile.

But I’ll shut up.


With all the negativity floating around in the news, including the California incident and the most recent story about the two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a friend of theirs to appease a fictitious character named Slender Man. Now, people are probably going to blame writers and horror story geniuses for content that they write. It’s in similar fashion to blaming guns, not people, for killings. They will be tried as adults.

And people complained about Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride.

You can’t put a Parental Advisory sticker on everything, especially books, all books — including some children’s books — would have that black-and-white badge.

Our surroundings should be taken into consideration for the better. How an atmosphere, place, object affects us should be stressed more than feeling the stress of having to constantly be aware 24/7, fearing some wacko will come charging in. Life is about people, relationships, your feelings to say the least.

We live in a scary world, and we need to combat that notion and ongoing fear somehow.


My latest with Syracuse New Times: One Contemplating Chimp

12 thoughts on “Living the Scene

  1. No! Don’t shut up! I want to hear more about your dating life. Let me live vicariously through you!

    1. Oh, you don’t want to live vicariously through me. Haha. It’s a messy world of Syracuse dating. Things are going really well, on the up-and-up. It’s just about sifting through the nonsense.

      Keep your head up, kiddo.

  2. Birds and dolls, I love it! Thanks for the stroll Chris, I enjoyed this and the espresso shot as well. I hope you’re doing great!

  3. I’m dy-dy-dying to know about the jaw dropping incident and recovery process but knowing you got to hang with a gal who could roll with the punches, has a great sense of humor and a fabulous smile to boot? Lucky you!

    1. Oh, don’t die on me. You’re no good to us in that condition. I need to catch up with some CBXB tonight. I’ve been such a poor catcher-upper.

      She’s a sweetheart, she enjoys how I write, and she survived the surprise appearance by my parents … Yup. They showed up unexpectedly. She rolled with it, and both parties seem to like each other.

      1. Oooh! Now a surprise parents appearance is a good thing! Now you know how she can roll with the punches AND it takes any of the awkward, planned “meeting the parents” situation completely off the table. Yeehaw.

        I won’t go dying on you unless one of my cats decides to smother me with fur balls while I sleep. But I did see your Instagramming cat man status!

  4. Ha! Yes. Scenes on the run and expensive relics with shining irises.

    I think I may have gone for the ornithology book, for as much as everything else in that store can fall behind the times, bird-watching shall pretty much remain the same. Maybe?

    1. Perhaps. It depends on the the type of bird watching.

      Retro lingo can be reinvented in an antique store as well.

      I must catch up with some Mark archives before they become antiques as well.

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