Baseball and Booze

Since there are two updates today, I’ll keep it short.

Since there is an actual Infinite Abyss(es) update tomorrow — yes, “new” content — this will be short.

On Sunday, I went to see former New York Yankee, Bernie Williams, at our city’s Landmark Theatre.  Baseball is on the brain. Yesterday, I revamped a post that was supposed to be for a different publication, but it was decided not to use it; my transferring skills allowed me to post it over at Kinani Blue, because it deals with marketing and business purposes.

Tomorrow turns into a bloody mess. (Hint, hint.)

Nah, I’m kidding. It’s about soccer …  :::looks aside, smirks:::


Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge gets featured at Kinani Blue: Keeping Things Honest

Bernie Williams and more baseball is featured in The Inevitable Coffee Ring: Bernie Williams Hits Home


10 thoughts on “Baseball and Booze

  1. Your evening appreciating Bernie’s guitar world was described quite eloquently over at the Coffee Ring, Chris. I feel like I was at the Landmark. Thank you.

    1. I forgot to thank you on this. Sorry, sir. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. It’s difficult to write about music, concerts. Despite submersing myself in music all the time, doing a performer justice while knowing what you want to talk about is a different story.

      Of course, after all, I am talking to “The Man” when it comes to writing about music and entertainment …

      1. San Antone is a great town. Been some years since I have been there, but I have always loved the times I did visit.

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