The Battle of Oswego

Oswego, New York is for the birds.  Well, seagulls.

The Sunday Funday adventure that had members of the Ice Cream Kids Club traveling the northern bound route for friends, food, and frozen treats. Little did we know we were traveling headfirst into our own little horror movie that would have allowed Alfred Hitchcock to gloriously rub his stubby little fingers together.

Like any good horror movie, the beginning starts with an incident that could foreshadow the disaster that lies ahead in the following 90 minutes or so. This incident can include a meteor hitting earth, someone uttering a phrase that could wake the dead (cut to a scene of a graveyard where the ground below a tombstone begins to shake), or Mogwais eating or getting wet.  In this case, it was an incident with raccoon family.  The aggravated parent could have granted its victim a fine case of rabies.

Our trip began with getting to know the characters, and that includes the comic foil, who screws up right off the bat with missing the boat in the world of time; so the other two have to go and pick him up. Yes, that dumb move would belong to me. So our main characters get off to a late start, which could appease the Fates. The next step is a road trip, joking around, and cranking good tunes to get us going. We started off with The Dave Clark Five.

After arriving in Oswego, the other characters were introduced. A nice stroll around the city was had. Classic cars were scoped out. And finally lunch arrived. Panic then struck. As a preview:





The six of us ended up getting our treats, well, five.

However, you’ll have to read today’s installment of The Inevitable Coffee Ring at Syracuse New Times to find out what happened.

3 thoughts on “The Battle of Oswego

  1. I think the whole ice cream club now has to start wearing the trademark FOS ‘do, Chris, a sign of the Battle of Oswego vs. the winged rats of seafood pillage. Ha! Great Coffee Ring at SNT, sir.

  2. The Flock of Seagulls reference was priceless, darling. Good to see you still have your sense of humour intact.

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