Keeping It Crisp

This past Tuesday, I was asked to guest bar tend at Syracuse First’s ongoing Local Thirst, a monthly initiative to keep people thinking locally and supporting the economy around them. The man behind Syracuse First, Chris Fowler, deemed all the bartenders as “celebrity” bartenders, which made me blush. I humbly appreciate and accept the designation, but — it’s probably me — but I wouldn’t consider myself of much of a celebrity. A familiar face in the societal structure that is Syracuse (yes) and outlining Central New York area (maybe, but a stretch) … eh, perhaps. I don’t mind attention. It helps me stay out of trouble as I rebel rouse.

Restarting this blog/writing four years ago, it was a hobby that eventually turned into being therapeutic and eventually to a passion. It’s only going to get more intense, and it will mean putting myself further out there. If I want to be confident, I need to start backing it up and staying consistent, pushing the envelope often as possible, but still keeping it appropriate. There is a conservative aura about writing sometimes.

Anything to get us out of the house, right? Especially on a stormy, stormy, stormy evening. It’s important to enjoy the aspects and small, growing businesses of your community. One of the biggest highlights of autumn is apple picking and eating the food with friends, family, or dates at Beak & Skiff. The campus has another hat that it wears, and we should enjoy it as often (especially since it is open during the weather friendly spring (limited hours) and summer seasons.

The Espresso Shot of this week’s Syracuse New Times Inevitable Coffee Ring is based on my Tuesday evening:  The Espresso Shot (#009)

3 thoughts on “Keeping It Crisp

  1. Do not shy away from your growing celebrity, Chris. Smile, say hello, and keep your ears and mind open as people warm to you presence. Nice Espresso Shot to go with this week’s Coffee Ring at the SNT site. I like the way you warmed to the open arms at Beak & Skiff. Hard cider is not my thing, but those apples sure are crisp come fall.

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