Month: June 2014


We’ll never really understand it, the aura, and how it makes us feel — sometimes is unique and questionable.  Sometimes, depending on the person, it will turn you in to a crazed, hairy beast that stalks unfortunate souls in the middle of the night. Well. Without further ado, this week’s Espresso Shot segment of Syracuse New…

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This Post is About Baseball

Calling the kettle black and wearing the T-Shirt of the band that is to be seen in concert. Yes, that’s why this post is blatantly named as it is. Of course, there are plenty of pop culture references, foul language, and a healthy dose of sarcasm (which has been on the back burner for the…

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Living the Scene

There was a difficult time clicking the Submit button for today’s Syracuse New Times update. Although, the piece is personally felt as “choppy,” my mom liked it. She thought it was good, which is the most commonly used adjective for things she likes. Aside from giving my dad a shout out this week, his opinion has yet to…

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