The Night Drive Home

When Herbie Mann’s “Flying Home” hit the air last night, the music controlled my brain. The long route home from a nook of the city of Syracuse seemed only appropriate. Road trips don’t necessarily have to be long, and the duration of driving is effective when you lose and find yourself in a sense.

My twice weekly The Ineveitable Coffee Ring, this includes the often shorter The Espresso Shot installment, has been more often than not written, dancing around the midnight hour. It’s strange how this is preferred. It’s not procrastinating, but I do get excited and work well under pressure. The content is seemingly more honest and raw. It’s honest, because there is little time to second guess the content. The should I and shouldn’t I are disregarded, because there is no choice in the matter of the piece being published.

All of this probably annoys my editors. However, they have yet to address any annoyance with me. However, I do have to go through and recheck a few pieces for mistakes.

So, around 10:30 P.M. (EST) last night, there was no solid topic. The ride home changed that.

This is where the circles intersect and form that opaque area of similarity. The Infinite Abyss(es) and The Inevitable Coffee Ring, aside the similarity of the titles — my third blog, if there should be one, will most likely be a three-word title: beginning with “The,” the second word will be an “I-word,” and the third word will have to start with a “B” — the blogs are simply about life. The point is to capture as many aspects of life and writing about them, as mundane as they may seem. This seemed to get a little lost with this blog, but hopefully will get me back on track.

A talk about a drive, it is.


This week’s Espresso Shot: The Espresso Shot (#010)

And for more talk about learning from failing …

My latest and newest segment with Kinani Blue:  Malone’s Monologues (#001): Crime and Punishment

4 thoughts on “The Night Drive Home

  1. Your “Crime and Punishment” article was wonderful! You put into words a lot of feelings I’ve been going through for the past few years. Great job!

    1. Thanks! There was some desire to do an anti-marketing/business post, because most of what we read are positive things-to-do posts that are to inspire people, changing their ways of thinking.

      Although this isn’t “anti,” I accomplished what I wanted to: talk about my failures. It sheds a different light on things, taking this professionalism at a different angle.

      I’m glad I could reach you with it. It means a lot that someone could connect with this post.

      Hope your summer is going well, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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