Smacking Some Balls Around

The_Mysteries_of_Harris_Burdick_(Van_Allsburg_book)_coverIn today’s Espresso Shot at the Syracuse New Times, it gets a little zany. Aside a small scoop of growing up in Syracuse suburbia, references to pop culture and books plague the post. Talk of clowns, castles, live action role playing, gremlins, mysterious doors, Nosferatu, Chris van Allsburg, and Super Mario all play a part in playing miniature golf.


Miniature golf is one of the few childhood-favorable aspects that can be played as adults without having repercussions surrounding it. If there were negative consequences in terms of being reprimanded, you’re clearly not hanging out with a good group of people. You might need some new friends. Just saying.

No, you may not need new friends; everyone has their own opinion with activities. Sometimes you have to go with your gut, and what may be fun to you is important.

My date and I headed to good old Fairmount Glen miniature golf to test our skills at some mini golf. It was an overcast and soggy day out there, but we stuck out the harsh conditions, because what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. It was a tough game, and I trailed most of it … well, the majority of it … well …

All of it. In the end, I lost. There is no shame in admitting that.

However, this update will be cut short; reading must be done, and so I will leave you with the most recent installment of The Inevitable Coffee Ring at Syracuse New Times.

Putting Around

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Smacking Some Balls Around

  1. That she beats you at mini golf is fantastic. That you readily admit it to the world, even better. You are going strong, Mr. Malone. I also commented on SNT because that is what we do, too.

  2. I am the worst mini golfer. And normal golfer, I assume. Sounds like a good, but wet, time.

    PS: Never trust the maintenance doors. Always investigate for yourself. That’s how you have adventures.

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