Stepping Out, Away

There are a handful of posts about my wanting to see the movie Beginners, which stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent. I got to finally see it, and the movie is amazing. It’s honest, and it’s more of a drama with aspects of romance and comedy appropriately interwoven. There is uncertainty why the movie was passed by so many times. In my heart, it was known the movie was going to be purchased, and there were countless times that followed that involved my scouring the Syracuse’s Sound  Garden store for a copy that has yet to present itself. Now that the movie has been watched, perhaps it will show up.

Presumably, Fate wanted to prove to me that there was not a necessary need for a blind buy, and seeing it just to see it was not the plan of attack. It was meant to be viewed with this certain woman.

The movie put a fire under my butt, because I’m happy at this present moment. I’m pleased to be hanging out with this female, who won’t be named. Ideas are blooming, and new approaches to the novel are being considered. Like the latter needs to be done any more times than it has. The Monty Python crew has wrangled together the people of this planet, and separate groups are yelling at me to get on with it.


The Inevitable Coffee Ring installment with Syracuse New Times is different this week. After talking about or including aspects of Syracuse and Central New York, that part of the blog concept was chopped off this week. It’s just writing about living, writing from a different angle, and challenging myself to be a tad bit more creative. Whether it works or not, let’s not forget to acknowledge that I’m scratching my head at the post — it matters that something was tried.

The piece is an essay that spans two posts. The Espresso Shot will be put on the back burner this Thursday. To compensate, I’ll have two espresso shots next week. In reality, there will be more espresso shots to be had, but that’s how it goes. It’s probably best to give myself a break after this mind number with providing two shorter pieces that have both pairs of feet on the ground.


There is a sociological and psychological — dare that should be stated? — aspect to this two-part piece that is about being self-aware of yourself and everything around you. It’s only a tip of the iceberg, and I don’t consider myself an expert in the fields, but it’s more experimental. With aspects of the movie, which highlights McGregor’s character’s coping, the first part tackles with being self aware and the second part will deal with projecting yourself onto others, or trying to see from their point of view.

I feel like I’m not making any sense. Good. It’s what I want to do. Start far away before bringing it somewhat back in.

Well, without further ado: Projecting, Part One: Human Versus Self.

Until next time …

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