Stepping Back in a Little Bit

The first part of the experiment explained in my post two days ago was probably a flop, but it doesn’t bother me. The second part today, which is taking the place of the regular Espresso Shot segment. Instead, I will have to compensate with two shots of espresso (perhaps) next week. It depends on how much I have to say … or how many people want me to shut up.

My tongue is bit when the decision was made to kick off the post with a quick couple paragraphs about narcissism. We are all narcissists in some form or another.

Relationships with animals (non-sexual, mind you — that’s gross) and other humans were the next steps, and bursts of Beginners movie quotes are woven in for flavor. The conclusion talks about how the gratification of narcissism cannot compare to the non-physical connection that you have with another human being.

Of course, it’s opinion-based. There probably some people, who enjoy looking at themselves and taking selfies (they can’t take just one) on a daily or even an hourly basis. And that’s just the least of our worries.

Without further ado: Projecting, Part Two: Human Versus Companion


2 thoughts on “Stepping Back in a Little Bit

  1. I laughed so hard at the animal relationship thing. But it is late and I cant sleep. What does it mean if I don’t have anything that I talk to, animal, real doll, or volleyball?

  2. I mentioned over at SNT, well Facebook, really, which is a wrinkle that I’m pretty sure I hate, by the way, but that’s another banana that’s turning brown on my counter … Anyway, I said that connection of which you speak between humans that is from the eyes, one to one, a friend and I used to call it The Zizz. I think it still fits. Good Two-Piece Inevitable Coffee Ring and Espresso Shot this week, Malone.

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