No, This Wasn’t About A Wedding

My recent post with Syracuse New Times is entitled “A Wedding.” After you read it, passing by the wedding references, it’s essentially not about a wedding. Why did I do this? Dupe readers into thinking this was going to be a piece about a rip-roaring time to celebrate the coming together of two beloved people?

I felt like it.

It comes down to panic mode.

Annie Hall, once again, reminded me to keep my feet grounded while my mind wanders. (500) Days of Summer was the second choice in the decision of what to watch. Let’s be honest, the latter was most likely inspired by the former, and that’s how the dominoes fall. Woody Allen always gets me. He’s smart, anxious, neurotic, passionate about his work, and he’s downright humorous. Pretty much is possible when you put your mind to it. This includes the occasional aside. However, due to our living in an imperfect world, everyone can still hear you when you step to the side of the stage.


Miscommunication is a bitch. You can point fingers all you want at anyone involved, but it’s everybody’s fault. You can only blame yourself. Regardless if the message you read was taken wrong or the message that you wrote was incoherent, everyone can be doing a better job than they are already doing. If you don’t think so, well, you must be one of the perfect people in the world. Go have a seat with the rest of them. This is why texting is personally disliked, why technology, which is created to “make our lives easier,” actually makes our lives much more difficult. The beauty of reality is that there aren’t too many secrets that you can hide anymore. Monkeying around and being malicious isn’t going to be passed over, and it will certainly not get you anywhere.

Hmm …

Okay. The last paragraph was finished, and my mug of coffee was refilled. The train of thought derailed, and now getting back on track is most frustrating. The baristas and I were talking about customers and quirky, vague habits of theirs upon walking into the cafe.

And so it goes.

While editing my piece the night before, taking out and changing some aspects that could be misconstrued or irrelevant to the post, a couple sentences were removed. It pertained to the last serious and long-term relationship from a couple years ago. While looking for Jacoby’s Freethinkers book, after coming across the notebook with the Pagan symbol that was removed by yours truly — the notebook is awesome, but the person who gave it to me isn’t so awesome — an element of that long term relationship was stumbled upon.

Inside the memory box, as it should be deemed, were cards and notes and aspects of our relationship that have now been buried by the rolling winds kicking up sand from the Sahara — or whatever place these fossils were buried. Without hesitation, the relics were tossed in the garbage, which could have been different last year when the relationship was still adamantly on my mind. The only thing kept was the picture of a thank you note penned from my father. The picture has nothing to do with the ex, but it spoke loud to me. I remembered his giving it to us, mailing it. The boys on a raft — adventurers. So the written part was discarded, and the picture was placed back inside the box.


In any relationship, it’s important to not lose yourself. You can change and better yourself to be a better partner and human being, and those are great qualities. However, once you truly begin to lose yourself and you’re controlled by another, well, that’s not so good. Not only should you respect your partner for who they are, but they should respect you. Once the dynamic is shifted, perhaps this is where the issues present themselves.

This picture coincides with my childhood, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and any potential nugget of creativity and adventure that should come my way.

Aside the debate of whether not marriage is in my future, whether it is for me or not, a lot of great music was enjoyed this weekend. Bluegrass and blues and rock … and a DJ playing 80s music.

But that’s this is about it for now. My 399th post according to WordPress. Wow.

Without further ado, here is my … wait. Oh. The link is at the beginning of this post. Duped you, again.

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