Pesky Chimeras

The post for today’s The Inevitable Coffee Ring was more out there than it actually ended up. Which I’m fine with. That’s what happens when you think writing and passages through, which has been happening more and more with me. There really is no abandoning stream of conscious writing, but there is that looming questioning on if these posts can be written and constructed better.

The original post was not extreme, it was not going to be through the hollowed and “vacant” eyes of the grotesques and chimeras. As gutsy as that would have been, the point of the post could have been compromised. A stroll through a hall, however, seemed more appealing. The concept of opening doors, and what could have been found behind them could have been intriguing. Since I have not been in the walls of The Hotel Syracuse in 14 years, specifically for my West Genesee Junior Prom in 2000, it would be hard to describe and painting a picture would have been a runny result.

Creating some loose fiction didn’t seem like it would do the trick either. Not classy.

But that’s my opinion.

If your going to tackle something classy like The Hotel Syracuse or Landmark Theatre or other, it’s best you don’t be a complete dink about writing a piece to surround it.

Sure, people will have an issue with me calling them sinners … again. Sure, people — mostly Central New Yorkers — may not take kindly with the references to Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining; they may say that I’m not taking this seriously. I am taking this seriously, and I’m seriously happy about the future of this landmark of a hotel. We, the common folk, don’t have an idea what went behind the walls and in in the rooms. There probably were some lurid and illegal activities. The technology then cannot compare to the technology that we have today, including the devices at our fingertips, so nothing was “reported upon” while living in the moment.


It was during Syracuse First’s local taste event at the Tech Garden and the day of the blogging presentation/seminar we Kinani Blue guys gave the other night, where I found myself just pulled to the building during the day. There was hope that a set of curtains would pull to the side while looking up at them. The large placement of windows in front is welcoming. It’s a window to something bigger. It gives a generous preview, when the interior can be seen in the right light, and it leaves the viewer wanting more.

To include past feelings with other hotels or places I’ve stayed seemed appropriate to allude to.

So, there we have it. A little taste what went through my mind while writing this Espresso Shot installment of The Inevitable Coffee Ring.

Head over to Syracuse New Times for your 12th espresso shot.

5 thoughts on “Pesky Chimeras

  1. I really like the free thought you allow yourself to put out there. I’m two parts jealous and eight parts impressed. What got you into writing seriously? I’m interested to know. I “write” but I’m not very good at giving myself a lot of freedom with it.

    1. Hey, Lydia –

      First, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.

      It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly got me into writing, so I’m going to say “reading” as my answer. It started at a young age, and it was probably due to reading a lot. It was intriguing that a piece of work, a book or story, could be created. Writing was done primarily for school, and then it began to seep into my everyday life, slowly but surely.

      In college, writing outside of class happened a lot more frequently, my desire to tell stories developed, and writing was taken more seriously.

      I quickly read over a few of your posts. You have a great voice and style. Keep up the reading and writing. A year from now, your style will change in the sense that it has matured. The topics might not be different, but you’ll develop in terms of strength of writing.

      The more and more you write, the more you’ll be comfortable with being more freely with your words and thoughts. I’m still conservative with writing; I don’t like to offend people, but grinding gears is part of the game. It’s important to see things from critics and perspectives, because it helps us grow and communicate and accept the rest of the human race.

      People are set off by the smallest of things, and so criticism is inevitable. We all need to suck it up and used that energy and pain to move ahead. Each level of comfort that you reach will be met with more and more resistance, and it’s about working past it. Reach the next level and face those even fiercer winds of fury.

      Whatever you’re passionate about, and if it is writing, do it. It’s not egotistical if you follow your passions, because you’re defining your self worth.

      Best regards,


      1. Thanks! This advice means a lot for me. I have always had an urge to write but in the past I’ve been very restrictive and perfectionistic…which has limited me quite a bit. I’m just learning now to have fun with it, to not take myself way too seriously.
        I was flattered and reassured by your message.
        Thank you, really.


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