Writing Oddly

Welcome to the morning stretch. You can sit there; your mind is the focus today.

It’s been addressed before, writing blocks and funks. We, any of us, can embrace it and focus on a different project (we really do have different projects that need attention in our work) to keep our mind going. Not doing will only build upon the block. The more and more it’s put off, the more and more it’s intimidating to scale. So, why not walk around it?

It’s not that I’m dismissing physical activity, which is necessary — walking, running, lifting weights, or whatever else you do — for your health and your mind. Taking your mind off of your project might do you good. There has  been talk about how showers help, which doesn’t work for everyone, but that cannot be relied on forever; it’s a waste of water when you don’t have to actually bathe.

It was difficult to decide what to write about for today’s The Inevitable Coffee Ring installment of The Espresso Shot. Instead, I relied on improv to write a piece that is on the strange side. The Syracuse Improv Collective’s next show is tomorrow night. While my mind is still going, why not go to town with my preferred style of writing?

It’s a metaphor. It is meant to put you in a familiar situation, a comfortable one, and it does not necessarily have to be a coffee shop, library, art gallery, concert … so all of them were combined. Artists, writers, and musicians that have inspired me in the past were incorporated. Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art was an inspiration when it comes to addressing the ego and the self. There is a difference between creating for your ego and creating or producing for the self. Our Anxiety and Muse are always at odds with one another, but they make a hell of a dynamic couple.

It was purposeful to give “not enough” imagery. The “over and over and over and over” line is actual lyrics to The Beta Band’s “Dr. Baker.” The repetition of the beginning of the piano intro is stressed to parallel the repetitive lyrics and droning of the music. Repetition within the piece itself did not happen, because, well, there is such a thing as overdoing it. As much as it pained me to keep this concise, my lip was bit and the publish button was hit.

The end is to blend waking up, actual waking up, with waking up from a bout of a creativity block. Although, there is a personal attachment to writing, this creativity block pertains to everyone and how they express themselves through business.

Currently, friend and fellow blogger and fellow improviser, Stef, has deemed this piece as “Creepy.”

Here is the current installment of my Inevitable coffee ring nook of Syracuse New Times:  The Inkling.

3 thoughts on “Writing Oddly

    1. It’s all good. Things have been crazy, some things have been falling apart, and some things are being built stronger. However, it’s all still a mess. Hahaha.

      Life: we have to have a sense of humor about it.

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