11 Situations of Human Fallacy

The other night She and I went to see What If at the Regal Cinemas in DestiNY USA, the grand mall in Syracuse New York. Where the movie was quite charming, the theater was not so much. It’s a pleasure to see that Daniel Radcliffe has survived the possible post-Potter plummet, and he has moved on to more roles. However, when you Google DestiNY USA, you’ll read about the mall’s parasitic and 30-year tax-free parasitic venture on behalf of it’s cunning developer, Bob Congel, who — along with the rest of his family — are notoriously disliked in this region of the state and nation for that matter.

It’s bad enough that the mall is in denial, paying off people to keep the crime-free reputation it does not have. Let’s face it, there is an incredible amount of crime at the mall — stealing, stabbings, and fights — crime that was personally witnessed a couple years before Carousel Center name was dropped — 10 kids storming into an elevator to pull out a couple other kids is pretty hard to miss, it was like a swarm of bees — and the 18 and older restrictions are not adhered by. The “security” in red blazers are too busy not caring, chatting with each other. The actual security, they can be found in pairs or riding on one of those electric scooters.

Yeah, there is nothing genuine or authentic at the mall; the exception is the actual carousel that you can pay $1 for a ride. It’s beautiful. Aside that: chain restaurants with over priced, prepackaged over salty food and retail stores.

However, back in the day, this place was the ultimate hangout for us high school kids. It was. It had a different feel, which feels more of a hastle today. When Camillus Mall closed, there were really no close options to see movies or hang out in. We could drive around (gas was less than $1.50) or go to restaurants, but that entailed a lot of sitting down. At the mall, we walked around and ventured in and out of stores looking for music and movies. Movies were around the $6 mark, and it was great to see a movie without taking out a loan.

Yet, the movie industry makes billions on so many movies that are released weekly, and the prices go up. Something is not right with this supply and demand …

However, my friends and I were never rude. We’d laugh out loud, sometimes obnoxiously. We’d make jokes about sex and bodily functions. We’d play with our food sometimes. However, we never were scolded or reprimanded.


We were asked to leave Best Buy once. In the office department, six of us all grabbed comfy swivel chairs and made conversation. And Matt, Brian, and I were scolded by women in their early 70’s before the previews of seeing Next Friday. Yes, kid you not, we three 17-year-old kids were scolded by “seasoned” women for laughing before the lights dimmed for previews.samkinison

Why were we laughing? Again, kid you not, we were doing Heisman Trophy poses for some reason. Yet, we were told to shush and so we did. Comments were made after the movie, not bad ones, but comments expressing our disbelief.  However, the point is, we knew when to stop.

My memory scares me sometimes.

However, the other night, the 14-17 year-old kids (who can tell age anyway) were romping around the theater like it was their living room. They were dropping candy and the caps of their beverages. They were playing with their phones. They were jabbering and arguing about whatever. They left before the movie even ended. We kept our mouths shut, because there was not point in arguing with children; something tells me they weren’t up for any type of confrontation, regardless if it was cordial or not.

A complaint was made, and management didn’t come to intervene as they promised. Now they are getting two notes: one from She, and a note from me. And my Syracuse New Times post banks off of this and the rest of the disgusting and situational pet peeves we all have.

Without further ado:  How to Effectively Disgust Others

3 thoughts on “11 Situations of Human Fallacy

  1. Wow, you hit on a lot of my pet peeves, Chris … I no longer go to movie theaters (or to “that” mall if I can help it) and I’ve yet to see anyone lick produce, but at least now I’m prepared.

    1. Haha. It’s nice to strike a chord and realize I share similar pet peeves with others. Yeah, avoild the licking of produce.

      I actually worked with a guy, and he’d lick his writing utensils so no one would take them. After asking to borrow a pen, he said that it might not be a great idea. Who knows. But at least this quirk is benign … could be worse of a quirk.

  2. Urrggg I cannot agree more. It seems as if the bigger the mall gets the more unpleasant it is. Just can’t stand it these days.

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