Explanation Shmexplanation

There really isn’t too much to talk about in regard to my posts this week. They are what they are: a restaurant review and a quick thought provoker.

Wednesday night and early-early Thursday morning, I had this whole scenario and post written about about gentlemanly behavior in the downtown-on-Saturday-night bar scene. A guy we had seen this past weekend kept blowing air into the face of his girlfriend/interest. We’ll say “interest,” however. He did it five or six times, and this is not a joke, but she did not reciprocate a slap to the face. There was other behavior that allowed me to ask if the youth of America was truly on the verge of exploding.  But all this sounded too negative to me. It was trashed.

Instead, a friend posted a picture that really intrigued me. It allowed me to create a quick piece about the little things in life. Check it out and enjoy.




Tuesday’s: Ironwood is Solid

Thursday’s: Espresso Shot (#019)

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