The Never-Ending Staircase

We don’t constantly think about or put pressure on ourselves to acknowledge our growing every single day; we are going to learn and grow no matter the circumstances. We should not dwell on regrets, but we learn from the past. We often look ahead, but we don’t want to be too specific about quick hard-to-reach expectations. We hesitate and fear about taking risks that will allow us to succeed. Life is like an M. C. Escher staircase: it keeps going despite our continually reaching new personal heights.

And this is what was to be captured in today’s The Espresso Shot at Syracuse New Times.  And this final product was a result of a good tweaking.

After reading a social media post by fellow WordPress blogger, Kerrie, linking to a list of terrifying things kids say to their babysitters, caregivers, and/or parents. This post got me excited, so there needed to be an element in there that really shifted the tone of the piece.

The Steinbeck and Twain quotes were kept to ground the piece a little bit, explain the platform where I started. Plus, there has to be some reassurance that my imagination is pure, and drugs are not catalysts. Mind and body are things that should not be deteriorated as quickly as possible.

And staircases, as I am a lover of architecture, can be a bit creepy at times. The immediate thought of Herbert Mearn’s poem “Antigonish” popped into my head. It’s eerie. When I first heard it, it was over a decade ago in the movie, Identity.

So the desire to rope in life’s climb and progression and adventure into this as a M.C. Escher staircase. The little men, so figuratively speaking, are projections of yourself at the bottom of the staircase and waiting up on the next level, which seems so much greater in height. The post is a bit of a mind fuck. It’s intentionally creepy. Our past haunts us, and our future beckons us.

Without further ado … The Espresso Shot (#020): [Escher]

(Yes, I fixed that link to the post. Thank you, Stef.)

5 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Staircase

  1. I love that line, the top is never the top. I always tell people struggling with emotional or mental health issues. Not in some depressing way (I hope). But that there isn’t always an end or a clear cut victory. It is just a climb. MC Escher is in my top 5 favorite artists.

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