Abyss(mal) Origins

Daile over at KissMeOutOfDesire celebrated her second birthday of her blog — Happy Birthday! My fellow blogger buddy at both Kinani Blue and Syracuse New Times, Joe, and I grabbed an afternoon coffee yesterday and talked about writing progression, maturation, and defining our own abilities.

And how did I get here?

My archives date back to August 2010. Before that, the previous blog that I wrote was dated a while ago. I got rid of one from college, and one after. It just didn’t work out. But I ventured to Google’s Blogger over four years ago. After a bullshit “test post” in August, after two actual posts in October, the groove of writing was finally met in January 2011, and the speckled and spaced posts lasted until February … yes, of 2011.

And then it stopped.

In January of 2012, the blog writing started up again, and then February hit. After a breakup was the severe toe-stub that tripped me, March was skipped over. For once, after falling on my face, I kept running with it from that point on.

Welcome to the world of inconsistent blogging.


Every month from that point on I made it a point to surpass the amount of posts written the month before. The progress was challenging and blissful at the same time — still is — and Blogger seemed to be as terrible, because it seemed that no one was really reading. The Blogger blogger community seemed inefficient and inconsistent. There were a handful of of writers that I continued to follow after switching to WordPress, and a couple made the switch as well.

The funny thing is passion generates the growth.

Aside from still being in Syracuse — it’s not such a terrible thing — it’s been a struggle with writing. It’s a small(er) city than a desired location, so I had to accept not being noticed at first. It’s a population/ratio thing. I’m still not as noticed as I’d like to be. The best is to just keep writing. After all, this is not a journal, but a telling of a story. There are segues and aspirations and reflections and flashbacks and exaggerations and painful pin-pointed realities.

Occasionally, we all talk about cake; we all eventually talk about cake.

Joe and I talked about regrets that aren’t really “regrets.” You can always ask yourself, “What if?” However, you can’t bank on the hypothetical. One of of the aspects that I brought up was living in a larger community (although, in the grand scheme of things, the this planet is a big community). However, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel. Things would have been different, but maybe not for the better.

Then, as time should confuse us, confuse me, it’s four years later. A blog starts from that first word in the first post that is published. A lot has come from this, writing. There is a lot to be grateful for, and I don’t take it for granted. Of the great things, the people I’ve met through blogging and social media — they’re for the books. If I were to win an award … somehow … there would be a lot of people I’d have to thank through the mic of that podium … should it get to that point. (Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Chris. It’s wonderful to set goals, however.) Blogging is going to be continued. It’s a part of life. Writing is that artistic outlet in lieu of painting or designing, decorating or something.

I’m one of life’s stenographers, a chronicler. Because someone has to do it.

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