Time Dismantlement

Welcome back to another installment and more adventures in the unemployment world!

It’s strange to me. It’s that I almost doubted myself for a split-second. In that split-second, all hell could have broke loose, because giving up would be the automatic shitting that your body does after it dies. It takes a while to do so, but a mess is still a mess. Chaos is still chaos.

An opportunity — not a job opportunity, but a paying resume additive — arrived in an email yesterday (November  7th). There could have been balloons attached to it. The employer asked me if I provided blogging services for my freelancing. My day was busy, and the majority of it was spent at the mansion, helping out with a few things, learning more about the mansion and its maintenance, exploring, and attempting to talk to the ghosts. And history does prevail, and I’m one of the people who need to keep to that mantra and make sure of that preservation.

I hung out in the attic, and this is where I took the picture above. It’s the prettiest aspect about this post.

But it was exciting to hear about an opportunity that afternoon. Instead of emailing back in the late evening hours, I woke up and fixed up an email, sending it before 9 AM. It’s nice and fresh for the employer to see when they get back to the office.

And they replied! Unfortunately, it wasn’t positive. It was also downright strange. Keep in mind, the time frame is less than 24 hours. The employer, the same name on the email’s signature, writes back:


So sorry, I have been out of the office for a few days awaiting [a reason] and did not realize the office decided we may try to go with a former employee.

Thanks so much.

My jaw fell and carried my head down with it. A coffee shop patron ended up tripping over my person, and they spilled their mug of coffee on the people sitting at the beyond the railing. While one cuddled helplessly in the corner and in the fetal position, their scalded companion covered his face with both hands and ran screaming from the cafe in pain and terror.

Chaos. is chaos.

There are two questions that come to mind:

  1. Did this business owner not realize that their employees figured this out aleady in the company walls?
  2. Did this business owner think/confuse the few days that passed with three eight-hour increments?
  3. Are there less hours in a day?
  4. Did I slip through a wormhole during R.E.M. last night?
  5. When is R.E.M. going to have a reunion tour?

Of course, another person’s delusion is out of my control.

There was one reassurance: CNN announced this morning that unemployment was at a six-year all-time low. That made me feel better. However, Central New York, which is severely affected by this, seems unfazed or in denial. There is a big push to live/move to Downtown Syracuse. Regardless, I felt better with hearing this bit of news.

Lou the cat was sitting in his normal chair at the kitchen table. I said to him: Isn’t this great? At least there is some clarity and it’s not just me.  

Lou simply stared at me; his eyelids shifted as he resisted sleep as best as he could.

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