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I’ve been to Syracuse’s Westvale nook to enjoy live music at The Buzz Cafe, to enjoy their coffee, but I had not eaten there until this past Sunday. The three of us family members were looking for a bite to eat, and this eatery was presented as an option. I couldn’t disagree, considering the experience would be a first for all of us.

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Aside food and music and an essential coffee/tea outing (and the strong combination of all of the above), The Buzz Cafe presents a rustic and cozy atmosphere. The crate-esque walls and coffee bean Hessian/burlap bags that coat the walls are a fitting touch. The cafe is great for a book club gathering, a board/table top group, a morning discussion, and date (of course).

We walked in, checked out the menu written on the chalkboard, and found ourselves at a loss for deciding what to order. Finally, I closed my eyes, swiveled them around a little bit, and ordered the firs thing that I noticed. I had the option of two pancakes or pieces of French toast; I went with the former, because I haven’t had one in a long time, and the size of each were generous. Among bacon or ham or sausage, I went with the hand-packed sausage (it wasn’t a cookie-cutter, perfect-formed circle). I had home fries on the side, which I drenched with Buzz Sauce, the house hot sauce. I can’t turn down hot sauce, and this Buzz Sauce was very reminiscent of Frank’s, but it had more flavor. Don’t worry, I did try the home fries “as is,” and the potato side was very tasty, not overly seasoned or salty.image (14)

My brother opted for a breakfast wrap, and his fiance went  with the small, personal breakfast pizza. Each of us spent less than $10 on our meals that filled our bellies. The cost of our coffees included free refills, and that enabled us to wake up a bit more, and the conversation flowed. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy coffee on a Sunday morning?

It was a pleasant way to start the Sunday of a whirlwind weekend. We all had some type of work to do, and we parted after the meal after hopping over to Mo’Dough bakery with a cowboy cookie in our hands. The manager walked over to us, and presented us with a complimentary cookie. The treat being free did not make it taste great, but the cookie itself was really, really good. The combination of nuts, coconut, raisins, chocolate chips, among other delightful ingredients — delightful.


14 thoughts on “The Buzz Cafe | Syracuse

  1. Whoever wrote this clearly is a friend of the owners because the food is terrible and they do not know how to bake. If you can’t make a decent cookie, you should just give up.

    1. Andrew –

      Thanks for stopping by, reading, and for the comment.

      Truthfully, I don’t know the owners. I simply frequent small businesses. I had not eaten at the cafe before, and there was curiosity to try it.

      The restaurant/cafe is not going to be for everyone. You do have right to your opinion.

      Thanks again for reading.



      Many places have their own “taste” to them. I simply enjoyed the cookie given to me, and that’s simply that. I have not tried any of the other baked goods.

  2. All I saw was pancakes and I was in. But I make a mean french toast. Excuse me while I go eat everything in my house.

    1. It was tough to make that decision, but the pancakes were soft, fluffy and definitely worth it. French toast is always a stomach and soul pleaser. Breakfast in general, any time of day and any day of the year, makes me happy.

  3. Free cookie? Seriously? And you wait until the last paragraph to tell us?

    I’ve never been to the Buzz Cafe, but all of the meals you described sound and look fab, Chris. I’m surprised there was enough tummy room left for a trip to Mo’Dough Bakery, to be frank. 🙂

    1. Yep! I got a free cookie. Not sure if this is standard or not, but it was more of a brag. That kind of cookie is quite amazing.

      There was barely any room, but I didn’t get anything at the bakery. The cookie definitely ended the meal on a high note.

      I hope it does well. That plaza is iffy when it comes to patrons, in my opinion.

      1. I have not been because I am not so much to wander off to the west end, being an Eastwood-liver. I guess I am sort of parochial of late. I must spread out. 🙂

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