Coffee Thoughts

Thoughts while drinking the cup of coffee above:

  1. Shit. The coffee is too hot.
  2. I wish I didn’t eat that piece of pumpkin bread that quickly.
  3. Let’s see if I can try to feebly cool the coffee by lightly blowing on it.
  4. Nope. Still not cool.
  5. I should probably check e-mail.
  6. Coffee is cooling.
  7. It’s time to check on my moves for Words With Friends.
  8. Phil is beating me 121 to 94. He’s good like that.
  9. Paul came in the coffee shop. He’s a nice guy, always friendly.
  10. Don’t call it a comeback, but I have. I’m beating Phil 126 to 121. So steep.
  11. Next game: Anna is beating me 128 to 115.
  12. Switcheroo: I’m winning 139 to 128.
  13. Accidentally started another game with Anna. She’s winning this one 51 to 0.
  14. Shit.
  15. Paul interrupts my frustration and we talk about the Price Chopper name chance to Market 32
  16. Price Chopper is/was a dumb name to begin with.
  17. Thinking of words, writes words on paper.
  18. Coffee is cooling efficiently.
  19. Anna, Game Two: I’m still losing 51 to 24.
  20. Let’s start writing the Syracuse New Times Espresso Shot post.
  21. Who is this person that followed?
  22. Who is this person that liked this post?
  23. FOCUS, Chris!
  24. I begin to write.
  25. As I write, I begin to think of what will even come of this post.
  26. I stop writing.
  27. What will come of this writing?
  28. Am I really that passionate about writing?
  29. Yes.
  30. But there are no job bites or leads that even seem worthwhile anymore in this dead-end city.
  31. No one calls back, emails back, not even sneezes or coughs a response.
  32. I’m zoning, dozing.
  33. Jane sends me a text, asks me what up.
  34. Jane is awesome.
  35. Nothing, I tell her and text her.
  36. Just beating my head on nothing, and nothing is hard.
  37. The coffee is colder.
  38. Joe calls. He tells me he has a job lead.
  39. I take his word, but I doubt the job before even hearing about it.
  40. Syracuse: show some fucking vitality.
  41. Syracuse: stop talking a big game and boost yourself.
  42. Syracuse: prove yourself.
  43. For a mid-sized city, Syracuse, you feel so small.
  44. My desire and patience have both faded.
  45. We have fake people still posting bullshit articles about our restaurants and delights for tourists, and they do no justice to benefit our nook of Upstate New York. Fuck you, Movoto. No one really reads these articles; people look at the bold subheadings and “like” the article out of consideration. And we have fake organizations toting this bullshit as if it was their own, because people will “like” before they thoroughly read.
  46. But all this is not new information.
  47. It my duty to create, entertain, and inform (in a sense).
  48. Emily Dickinson: “I dwell in Possibility …”
  49. I’m sticking to my guns, sticking to myself, sticking to …
  50. … my coffee.
  51. My coffee is cold. I’m going to drink it anyway.
  52. Joe’s here.
  53. Joe’s visit was a sense of relief.
  54. I’m going to buy another cup of coffee.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Thoughts

  1. You are always so wonderful at stream of consciousness, darling. And damn you, I want another cup of coffee now, but the coffee work barely deserves the name.

  2. I can relate to every item, including the part about Words With Friends. I just broke a 20 game losing streak myself. I enjoy your blog posts. Thanks for sticking to it.

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