I’d Like to Buy a Vow

So, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s talk about the dream my mom had and enlightened me with a few days ago. I came to the decision of using this story now, because it’s quick. I spent some time at the ledge of this November Challenge, and there was great consideration of just stopping. Life is hectic, and the overwhelming feeling is really draining me.

Mom was really excited to tell me immediately that she had a dream that I got a job. It wasn’t a full-time gig just yet, but she let me know it was another additive to put to the list of my freelancing services.

Vow writing.

She told me that Dream Chris was excited to tell her about it, and that he had clients already lined up.

Could you imagine that? Me writing other people’s vows? It makes sense, but it would still be strange. I’d have to meet with each individual on separate occasions to find out more about them, their partner, and why they love each other.

There is certainty that some clients will realize that they are able to actually write their own vows after meeting with them, and this means I can offer a consulting package instead of a full-blown vow writing service.

I’m sure I’d get punched in the face for letting a guy know how wonderful his soon-to-be-wife is, because I’d be romantic about the writing. If he isn’t down with that, he’ll just have to deal. This isn’t about cuckolding him, but I can see where a jealous mind could overreact.

Need an outsider to tell you how wonderful your relationship is? I’m your man, your Syracuse vow writer.

It wouldn’t be a terrible duty, to be honest. I feel that there are a lot of awful cards out there. Although my preference leans to purchasing blank cards, I feel that I could create a card line with a little bit more originality in the pre-written messages. Hmm …

Well, let’s see how life pans out. I can’t take on too many duties at this moment, but at least ideas are being considered.

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