Try Honesty

So, my last post at Syracuse New TImes was taken with offence. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not a good thing. I have a heart and a conscience, but at the same time the writing is necessary to be honest. Some of the things that come out on the page come out dickish, which is the eye of the reader. But chronicling and voicing my opinion about something, whatever it may be, is necessary. It’s what I want to aim for and be consistent with.

I wrote a review about a cafe last week, and someone accused me of being a friend to the owner. I’m not, but there was a desire to try it. It wasn’t the best food, but it definitely was not the worst. I respect everyone’s opinion, and I appreciate a well-constructed one than one blasting a venue. Riddling the comment with abrasiveness and cursing is also a turnoff. This comment was not, but there are some that slip through occasionally.

Cursing happens in my posts for emphasis, and because I like to curse (let’s be honest here). But the cursing does not dominate the content, because there is “too much swearing” — it’s ignorant sounding.

Writing is something to be continually worked on. It’s important to develop your voice. It’s important to try out new voices. None of this is new to anyone (who writes).

But when it comes to relationships, honesty is also key. With my writing, blogging: Non-fiction helps me keep my life an open book. Names will not be dropped in negative light, Also, at the beginning of relationships, especially in the world of online dating, it’s important to take your dates seriously and still keep an open mind about it. You’re talking to a none to a few other people, but you’re still keeping your eyes open for other possibilities. Just because a person is online dating, it does not mean they have to stick to the online world. The real world is forgotten about.

And I saw someone attractive on Saturday. I commented … well wrote about it. Her friend tried to set us up. My friends told me that I should have spoken to her. But I did not talk to her — cowardice and conscience to thank and blame. Also because the girl I went on a couple dates with (via OkCupid) is great. I mention this.

This is living the single life.

There is no need to further beat the dead horse. However, my writing is not going to be hindered or censored. I’d like to get recognized for my writing. I hope it takes me somewhere. Integrity is integrity. Passion is passion. It’s my job to pursue this, to see this talent — if is should be designated as one — through. Hearts will be broken. Minds will be infuriated. I lost 10 followers because I shit on NaNoWriMo.

And should I receive negative feedback: I’m doing something right.





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