Coffee Cups

See those coffee cups above?

Yeah. That explains this week, and it especially defines the last couple days:

Working. Driving around. Excessive coffee drinking. Not consuming the end of the coffee in cups. It’s an actual metaphor. There is such a thing as too much coffee. Trying to stay awake and dreaming and paying attention.

Hell, I wanted tea today, but I still I ordered coffee. I didn’t drag out my words to save my mistake. I didn’t say “cofffffffff-tea.”

Therefore, this explains this post at 11 PM — the posting time is simply emphasis.

I can’t wait to sleep. I can’t wait to dress up again tomorrow. These two statements: truths.

And if you want more to read, go here: Syr-a-cuse Neeeeew Tiiiiimes.

I’m tired.

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