They’re Baaack …

… and we’re not talking about those evil entities from the Poltergeist series.


“Clever girl,” Says Robert Muldoon to Steven Spielberg, returning and poking his head out from the foliage.

This time there is no Dennis Nedry to screw up the system, but a hybrid dinosaur. No, I’m not talking about Vincent D’Onofrio either; he is supposedly playing the supporting villain.

I’m not sure if Michael Crichton is spinning in his grave or what. However, it’s rather certain and difficult to pull a franchise out of a Tyrannosaurs-Rex-grave-sized hole. The novels are amazing, and they stand far above the movie compliments. This includes the more hokey, family-friendly third installment where the only decent thing about the film was the concept of evolution and dinosaurs becoming more intelligent.

[This is where the camera cuts to Jeff Goldblum signature laughing in an armchair.]

I don’t care how attractive Bryce Dallas Howard is — OK. I’ll pause, because that’s a lie. At least Chris Pratt is in tow. He’s showing his vitality and ability to act in comedy and action roles. Let’s see how he can fare in a dinosaur movie.

The two things that worry me are the use of CGI and the potential of it being too family-friendly. The original Jurassic Park kept everyone on the edge of their seats for a wonderful, thrilling joyride. This installment, however, could be different and in similar fashion to JP III. Claw marks and all.

But it’s too early to tell. But I’m excited about it.

Check out the trailer:

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